Pull up Tech, an EMOM & fast reps

Monday 4.03.15

Ewen 100kg C&J for 15.1a

Ewen 100kg C&J for 15.1a

A. Muscle-up / C2B / pull-up development

B. 10 min EMOM 1-5 reps of Muscle-ups / C2B / pull-ups
filler: OH KB Swings (10 – 15 reps UB)

C: every 90 seconds for 12 minutes
8 deadlifts + 6 hang power cleans + 4 push jerks @ 60/40kg

FF weights: 40/25kg

Coaches notes: For C – pick a weight that you can do with speed. If you don’t get any rest, the weight is too heavy.

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  • A: I had a go at kipping practice, just getting the shoulders moving.
    B: Ring Rows x 5 and 10kg Kettlebell OH swings x 10.
    C: FF (25kg). I found this entire thing incredibly hard and felt like escaping. The old body is feeling a bit delicate today.

  • Ivan L says:

    Late comment from me today. Didn’t catch the bus to work so I didn’t have my hands free.
    A. Frustratingly close several times to bar muscle up. I’ve never gotten one, but I was closer today than ever before.
    B. 3 C2B, 10-7 KB @16kg. Trying to get consistent with kipping straight into another one. Not too bad at the start, getting sloppy with fatigue at the end.
    C. 40kg. Harder than it sounds. I admired Pete going for 50kg and Bryan doing 60kg. Didn’t envy them by the end though.

  • Amanda C says:

    I am still sore from 15.1 on Monday so just took it easy. It felt good to move around.
    A. Did some pull up loading from tip toes on a box
    B. Ring rows
    C. 25 kg. This was a good weight for me to move quickly with but perhaps a little too easy.

  • Kylie J says:

    A. pull-ups still developing
    B. ditto, moved to strict on bands to save hands (my excuse and i’m sticking to it)
    C. Rx and then I wondered why in the second last round when my forearms turned to jelly

  • TarrynC says:

    A: practiced kipping technique. Didn’t try too many pull ups to save my hands.

    B: pretty stoked to get 2 pull ups on the red band each round. I didn’t think I would last past the second round so had the yellow band ready, didn’t need it!

    C: This was awful! Looks SO much better on the board. Decided to do what Ben suggested and increase the weight as I went along. Started at 25kg, 2nd/3rd rounds were at 30kg. Roubds 4,5,6 &7 at 35kg then went for the 40kg. So glad I didn’t do the whole thing RX! Last round was so painful!

  • TessaW says:

    A: Flailed about a lot.
    B: 2 on an orange band each round and <10kb swings. Hands are a bit rubbish.
    C: Rx. First two rounds were the worst for me. Got better and better. Managed to do every single round in under 40 seconds. Pretty happy with that.
    Pretty tight and sore today though. Think i need more sleep.

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