Snatch Drills, Accessory work and Tabata

Friday 27.02.15

Some footage from last years games to get you pumped for the Open this year


  • Snatch Drills on an unloaded bar


  • B1- 3×8 Pendlay Rows
  • B2- 3×8 Back Extensions


  • Tabata Mashup
  • Squats
  • Situps

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments


Hey guys, just wanted to say a massive thank you and farewell from Prue and myself. The effort that each and every one of you have put in inside and outside the classes have made it a pleasure to coach and we wish you all the best moving forward.


Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Fee says:

    Sean……… Thank you for not giving us a crappy warm up this morning. I am ever so grateful for your kindness!!!!
    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SEAN – you do rock my socks! đŸ™‚

  • A really good atmosphere this morning! Thanks for the fun Sean, and all the best to you and Prue with H&T. đŸ˜€

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