Handstand work and a grind

Tuesday 24.02.15

Rosey mid muscle up at Adapt christmas party

Rosebud killing some muscleups


  • Handstand Practise
  • HSPU Volume – EMOM 3-5 HSPU for 10 mins


  • 5 rounds for time
  • 8 Strict Pullups
  • 16 T2B
  • 8 Burpees
  • 16 DB Snatches (8ea side) 30/15
  • FF 
  • 8 Banded pullups/ring rows
  • 16 Situps
  • 8 Burpees
  • 16 DB Snatches 10/5

Post times and training notes to comments

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  • Fee says:

    A: handstand practice was fun, especially with a little challenge against Sam.
    B: Managed 3 kipping every round (dropped to two in one round though).
    C: FF 18:40 ouch

  • A: Practised handstands against the wall. I actually did several decent holds, so really happy with that as when I’ve done these before I’ve not been able to hold them. Progress!

    B: Push-ups. Getting there. Managed to string 3 DUs together – miracles do happen. 😉

    C: FF with Ring Rows and a 10lb DB. Timed out at 7 DB Snatches in the last round.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) just was continuing to get comfortable upside down and trying to ensure I was pushing hard up against the floor.

    B) Attempted HSPU from a 20 inch box. But my arms/shoulders were shattered. So went to Normal push ups.

    C) 15:19 FF – Ring Rows, Sit Ups, and 15kg Dumbbell Snatches

  • David N says:

    Then 3 rounds 8 DB snatches
    pullups with yellow band
    DB snatches (15kg)

  • Kathleen says:

    A: Focussed on freestanding HSPU – they’re getting better but still plenty of room for improvement.
    B: Maintained 4 unbroken strict HSPUs for all rounds. Tough toward the end.
    C: 19:32 rx, but did ring rows and sit ups for the last two rounds as my hands are lame. Definitely a grind.

  • Craig W says:

    A. Played with HS walking
    B. Started strict deficit then moved to strict and Kipping, combined with box jump rebounds as I suck at them!
    C. 19:23 RX

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