Shankle Complex, Running & Thrusters

Donny Shankle doing some pulls

Thursday 5.2.15

Strength: “Shankle Complex”

  • 1 deadlift
  • 3 clean pulls (hang)
  • 1 hang clean
  • 2 split jerks

Conditioning: 10 minute ascending ladder

FF: 35/20kg

  • 200m run / 3 thrusters
  • 200m run / 6 thrusters
  • 200m run / 9 thrusters

RX: 50/35kg

  • 200m run / 3 thrusters
  • 200m run / 6 thrusters
  • 200m run / 9 thrusters

Note: add 3 reps each round completed

Post loads, reps, rounds and training notes to comment section below.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Kathleen says:

    A: Worked up to 60kg. Felt solid. Legs are tired though.
    B: Rx – timed out 100m into the run after the 15 thrusters. This was pretty dirty, nice easy pace on the runs.

  • A: 30kg. Ok with this…
    B: FF. Timed out in the run after 12 thrusters. Used the 20kg and was surprised I managed so well. Got a bit wobbly at times, but really happy with how I went.

  • Fee says:

    A: 50kg – felt good, but lazy, so didn’t go any higher!
    B: RX got to 7/15 thrusters…. this was pretty much my favourite WOD ever*
    *=said with a hint of sarcasm……..

  • David N says:

    A: 60kg . I thought this was pretty good until I looked back and found I did the same back in April!
    B: 1/15 RX 50kg. I wasn’t sure how I would go at this weight but I was really happy with this result. Being close to the door gave me the extra time I needed to get in that 1 last thruster.

  • A. Got 1x jerk @ 100kg
    B. Just got out the door in the round of 18.

  • TessaW says:

    A: Got 60kg. Felt pretty solid. little bit of a press on the last jerk though.
    B: Rx – 6/15 thrusters.

  • eliza says:

    A – did double rm split jerk from rack 50kg, felt good

    B – RX – finished round 9 plus 200m run
    completely sore
    thanks coach ben 🙂

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