Heavy Single Front Squat and some cardio

Friday 30.01.15

Elmira and Amanda finishing off the morning with some tire flips #oldschool #noExcuses

Elmira and Amanda hitting some Tyre flips a little while ago


  • A- 15 mins to find a Heavy Single Front Squat
  • B1- 3×10 BB Thrusters at Tempo 20/15
  • B2- 3×10 Ring Rows


  • 3×6 min Partner AMRAPs- 1 min rest between rounds
  • 1. Row for max Calories
  •     10 Box Jumps 24/20
  • 2. Max Tyre Flips
  •      15 Situps
  • 3. Max Burpees
  •      200m run

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments


Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. scaled to back squats, got to 75kgs
    B. scaled to 8kg bar for thrusters
    C. Worked with Fee, I scaled burpees for lunges, and box jumps for step ups. We got 60 cal, 56 flips and 62 burppes/lunges

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) G2 Bar – 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 102.
    B1) 20kg, 20kg, 20kg – No issues.
    B2) 10, 10, 8/2 Had to break up the last set.
    C) worked with Bryan H – 75 Cal, 64 Flips, 54 Burpees – I noticed this part of the workout wasn’t on BTWB?

    I am liking Beyond the White Board and how it tracks all your results. If you aren’t using it… I would seriously consider it.

  • Fee says:

    A: 70kgs…. got a big F for 75kg (didn’t have the ticker this morning)
    B1 & 2: yeah this was alright
    C: 60cal, 56 flips and 62 burpees – worked with Super Sharon
    Great morning 🙂

  • Ivan L says:

    I had fun today. Not sure why, but left the gym with a spring in my step.
    A. 100. Failed 111 twice – Would have been a 1kg PB. No real excuses but on the bright side I do feel I am very slowly recovering from strained hammies (frisbee at lunch today might tell me otherwise).
    B. Not much to say. Did it. I think ring rows are good for me. I can do a pile of pull ups but I still fatigue at about 6 ring rows.
    C. Worked with Tim. Reckon we found a good pace and communication. Neither of us expected much but we did alright. 89 burpees, 81 calories, 62 tyre flips.

  • David N says:

    A: 90kg equal 1RM. Feels like a big jump from 85kg.
    B: check
    C: Didn’t mind the tyre flips. We did the burpees last, soul crushing. I was so glad to hear the time run out I don’t think I had a single burpee left, Alex definitely picked up the slack on this one.

  • kirsten says:

    A: worked up to 60kg
    B: yep did it…
    C: worked with Sarah we started with burpees since we figured they would suck the most. 🙂
    i think it was 50 something burpees, 60 cal, 47? tyre flips
    fun today

  • eliza says:

    A- 60kg front sq, these felt good and happy with form and weight
    B- ring rows and thrusters
    C- 71 burps, 66 Cals and 51 tyre flips.
    Working hard but had fun, thanks Bec m!
    Thanks Sean, always a laugh 🙂

  • Bec B says:

    A. New PB 70kg yipee!
    B. Thrusters felt quite nice after the front squats! Tried to battle through 10UB but didn’t make it on the last set… tough!
    C. As above 🙂 p.s. anyone know how to change your username?

  • TarrynC says:

    A: got 65kg, failed 70kg. Previous 1rm is 65kg from Dec, it felt pretty solid today so I think I have 70kg in the tank. Soon!

    B: nothing exciting happened here.

    C: worked with Sara who is a machine. Unfortunately Sean gave me a zillion lunges instead of running so poor Sara had to do 95% of the Burpees. In return I picked up some slack on the row. We ended up with 65 tyre flips, 74 Burpees and 65 cal on the rower.

  • TessaW says:

    Had a fun 10am session here.
    A: Still no progress on the front squat past 90. Failed 95 and 100.
    B: Yup, did it.
    C: Very glad that Kristy and I did the burpees/run first. It was definitely the worst segment of the whole thing. Tyre flips are fun. I think we got 85 burpees, 70-something cals and 80 something flips?

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