Cleans, Cleans, Cleans & Some Interval Work

Rosey mid muscle up at Adapt christmas party


Thursday 22.1.15

A: Clean Complex

Touch & go power clean double + 3 front squats + 1 jerk (Push or Split)

B: 3X10 Touch and go power cleans @60-70% of above

C: Every 90 seconds for 12minutes (8 rounds total)


  • 2 muscle ups/c2b
  • 4 box jumps 30/24″
  • 6 burpees


  • pull ups/ring rows
  • pick an appropriate box height for you

Post loads & training notes to comments or BTWB


Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ivan L says:

    A. Worked up to 80kg where I finished the complex but was pretty tired/sloppy on the jerk.
    B. 50kg. Strangely, the 3rd set was the easiest for me.
    C. Ramped up to 3, 6, 9 in the last two rounds. A slid workout but enough time to find a comfortable pace.
    Incidentally – also posting on Beyond the Whiteboard. Is anyone posting their warmup weights on things like the complex, or just the max succssful weight? Tried the former this morning but it was clunky. And it only reported the first weight I entered (I think) so I’ve proudly recorded 40kg for the complex. Sigh…

    • Becca says:

      Ivan, i always post the max i got on BTWB and then i like to record my warm up sets in the notes section with how it / i felt.

  • A: Worked with 20kg from position 2. Still finding I have to wrack my brain to remember the movements.
    B: Worked with bar only, still from position 2.
    C: Ring Rows, small Box Jumps and stepping Burpees.

  • David N says:

    A: 65kg. Jerks were the toughest part.
    B: 40kg , 45kg , 50kg
    C: This was tough for me, I was feeling it from the first round.

  • Elaine says:

    A: 40kgs, worked on speedy elbows always my weekness
    B: 25kgs, concentrated again on speedy elbows
    C: Paced myself on this as I am keen to reclaim my strict pull-ups that I lost in November. Did them all strict. Started with overhand, then switched to one hand under and one hand over with a few both hands under at the end. Box jumps @ 20.

  • Matt B says:

    A) 60, 70, 80 and a dirty 90kg

    B) 50, 60, 70kg (was a little excited with the last set)

    C) managed to keep it all together and battle through all rounds unbroken

  • KJ says:

    A: 65kgs. I find front squats the limiter for me…chest dropped a little. Love PC though.
    B: 35 then 40 40. Think I should have gone 45 as it wasn’t getting tough until the 8 or 9th rep. And it probably should start to feel tough around the 6th rep
    C: Went 3 6 9 after first round took only 30 secs. Was puffed by the end of 8 rounds! Thanks Karl.

  • A: 90kg – front squats got to me here.
    B: 50,50,60
    C: 45secs per round. no dropped MU which was good. Trying to put into practice some tips from the OBB seminar over the weekend but a bit more work needed here.

  • Ben M says:

    A) finding the Olympic lifting hard at the moment. 70kg, failed the push jerk at 75.
    B) 3×10 @50kg these were ok.
    C) 45sec rounds all MU’s unbroken went better than I thought I would

  • A. 90kg
    B. 10x60kg 10x70kg 9x75kg
    C. Sore calf – step ups + c2b
    got them all done, good pace approx 45secs

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