Snatch Complex & Bodyweight

Monday 19.01.15

Snatch drills w Coach Craig

Snatch drills w Coach Craig

A: power snatch TnG double + 3 OH squats

B: 3×10 TnG power snatches @ 60-70% of A

C – RX: 10 min AMRAP:
buy in: 100 double-unders; then
10 C2B pull-ups/pull-ups
20 push-ups
30 squats

C – FF: 10 min AMRAP
buy in: 100 singles; then
5 pull-ups/ring rows
10 push-ups
15 squats

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  • Fee says:

    A: 40kg
    B: 25kg – holey moley this was tough
    C: FF pull ups, push ups and squats. This was flipping awesome, maybe because I got my first ever kipping pull ups! Such a good workout. Got out three rounds, plus 5 extra pull ups (so 20 pull ups in total – pretty happy with that).
    Great way to start a Monday. Thanks coach Bec and Zoe!

  • A: 13kg (using 8kg bar)
    B: 10.5kg
    C: FF = Ring Rows and Box Push ups (tried regular, but scaled back to these for now) and Squats. Managed 5 rounds plus 2 ring rows.

    First proper session since about September 2013, so wound it right back to basics. Lifting light to get good form and movement. It’s good to be back! 🙂

  • Ivan L says:

    A. 55kg. I feel a little soft admitting that. Kind of think I should be going a bit heavier, but dodgy wrists etc. have me a bit cautious. Still, 50kg felt hard, 55kg felt easier, so I must have found some improvement there.
    B. 35kg. Again, maybe I should have gone a little heavier, but it’s really hard to judge how you’ll hold up by the last couple of reps.
    C. Given the way I fatigue in pushups I could see no good reason to go RX. 10 pushups in a row was plenty. Did the first round with chest to bar, but then dropped to kipping pullups. 8 rounds + 5 pullups. DUs were a mixed bag – did 54 unbroken, then I think I was lucky to do more than 5 in a row. Lots of 1s and 2s on the way to 100. Bleagh!!

  • Jason says:

    A. 50kg
    B. 30kg
    C. FF. Somewhere in the 6th round I believe. Thought I’d give butterfly kipping a go in a workout.

  • Elaine says:

    Well done Fee great job.
    A: 30Kgs
    B: 18kgs using the 8kg bar
    C: FF – DUs plus 4 rounds and 5 ring rows

  • TarrynC says:

    A: shoulders felt a bit sore and slow so took it easy here. Called it on 37.5kg.

    B: 25kg, focusing on making sure I hit position 1 and that bar path was good.

    C: decided to practice my kipping pull ups, they slowed me down but was happy to practice. Went FF and got 2 rounds plus 4 push ups

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Back working on my fitness and posting about it. BOOM

    A: 80kg here for the snatch complex. Depth was right on that line though for the power snatches
    B: Two sets with 50kg last set @60kg
    C: 3rds & 10push ups with the 10c2b, 20push ups, 30squats version

    Before the class, 4rds of 20wall balls & 5muscle ups in about 6:40 to make up for missing Saturday

  • Ben M says:

    A) 55kg didn’t fail any snatches were ok, OH squats were horrible
    B) 3×10 @40kg pretty good there.
    C) 3 rounds and 9 squats (strict C2B)

  • A. 75kg – called it there as my shoulder is [email protected]!
    B. 10x50kg,10x60kg,8x65kg
    C. FF 5 Rounds + 8 squats

  • TessaW says:

    A: 50kg. Failed 55 about 3 times.
    B: 3 x 10 @ 35 kg. Smoked.
    C: FF 5 rnds and 5 ring rows

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