Clean Complex and Wall Balls

Monday 12.01.15

Ben Manning mid box jump

Ben Manning mid box jump

A: 15 mins to est. max clean + hang clean + 2 push-jerk

B: 3×10 UB push-jerks @ 50-60% of above

C: partner WOD – 18 min cap
15 target burpees (as fast as possible)
20 UB wall balls @ 20/14lb
5 rounds each: P1 goes while P2 rest then vice-versa

FF partner option:
10 target burpees
10 UB wall balls
5 rounds each: P1 goes while P2 rest then vice-versa

please note: wall balls cannot be dropped = no rep

Post loads and notes to comments

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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. kept at 30kgs due to the cleans really hurting my dodgy shoulder
    B did these at 20kgs
    C. worked with Polly, she finished her 5 rounds and I was 2 burpees into mine

  • Kathleen says:

    A: worked up to 60kg. Elbows and shoulders feeling a bit dodgy again 🙁
    B: 1 set @30kg and 2 sets @35kg
    C: Rx for first two rounds and FF for last three. I worked with Natalie (welcome!) who stuck with rx and almost finished her fifth round in the time cap – machine! This was much harder than I was expecting.

  • Fee says:

    A: 50Kg – should have attempted 55kg, but ran out of time and was a little soft.
    B: 25kg – felt solid, but a little light.
    C: First stupid idea – working with Rosey, 2nd stupid idea – attempting RX. I think we both completed 4 rounds (Rosey dropped my wall balls to 15 in round 2 or 3 as I took a visit to wall ball struggle town and he was sick of resting so long)!!! Chose the worst wall ball as it was leaking sand into my eye and down my top………. bonus is that the wall ball must have been a little lighter by the end!
    Happy Monday!

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 75kg
    B) Worked these at 40kg.
    C) FF – Went second – 2 Burpees into the 5th round – This was hard. Damn you cardio and damn you tired legs.

  • Jason says:

    A. 70kg – and the back goes twang…sigh
    B. 40kg
    C. Worked with Tim – FF – finished 14:28 – I held us up on the wall balls

  • Steve-o says:

    A) Really working on stretch reflex for these movements and kept all cleans consistent with this.
    Hit the complex at 80kg and it felt good, 85kg I missed the 2nd jerk.
    B) 40, 45, 45 – Again just working on stringing reps
    C) Worked with Will and finished in 13:45 @ FF rep scheme.
    After we finished I wanted to see how hard RX was and… 20 unbroken suck! Very glad I stuck to the 10+10 scheme!

  • Brendo says:

    A: 70kg.
    B: 40kg. I know the whiteboard only said 50-60%, but I felt I should have gone slightly heavier.
    C: Worked with Ray and went Rx for all 5 rounds. Gross doesn’t even begin to describe it – I was even considering randomly no-repping Ray for a bit more of a rest, but didn’t cos’ I’m a nice guy. Made it through all 5 rounds at Rx and Ray made it through 5 burpees into his last. Yuck, and other things that rhyme with yuck.

  • Matt B says:

    A) Hit 90kg for the complex and was pretty happy with it.

    B) 45, 50, 50

    C) teamed up with Mark and went Rx. Coach B set up some rings for us to touch on the burpees which made a bad situation even worse! I managed 4 rounds and mark timed out on his wall balls.

    That was a tad hectic

    • Marc D. says:

      A) Hit 70 comfortably, missed second jerk at 80
      B) 45,50,50
      C) Hectic is one word for it. Got really tough.

  • Ben M says:

    A) got 72kg for these failed the hang clean at 77kg, thats the heaviest ive tried since injuring my wrist in September. Small wins.
    B) three sets @42kg these felt ok
    C) Teamed up with Johnny and went the FF option. Finished in 9:54, kept going and got 9 rounds with Johnny timing out on the burpees.

  • Cindyd says:

    A: Did the complex @ 45kg which felt really good. Did Clean & Hang clean @50kg twice, but then I would just hold the weight in the rack position… mind refused to push jerk it, despite encouragement from Liv & Coach Ben. I haven’t gone that heavy overhead post op & obviously I’m not yet ready mentally to do it. Something to work on during PT.

    B: 25/30/35 …. This was fun, I enjoyed it.

    C: Holy crap!! Partnered with Liv, due to her knee she subbed WB for row…I think she got ripped off. We finished the FF version in 14:41. This is the sort of wod where I truly hate being a short nugget…great vibe in the 5pm class even though we where dying & waiting for the clock to save us.

    • Liv says:

      A: Worked to 50kg – heaviest I have done for overhead in a while since my shoulder issue. Felt good though
      B: 25, 30, 25 – cycling pretty good but can feel some slight discomfort when dropping the bar for the next rep so dropped back to 25 in the last set.
      C: As Cindy said – I feel like 12 cals on the rower was harder than 10 WB – stoopid knee 😛
      Good fun though as I really feel like my cardio is being challenged

      • Liv says:

        Oh ya – and I was only doing power cleans instead of full cleans – see previous reference to said knee!

  • TessaW says:

    A: Cleans felt pretty good all the way through, but failed the jerks at 60kg. To be expected after a lot of time off drinking and eating lol.
    B: worked at 30kg. Jac had to remind me to jerk and not press at times…
    C: Jac and I finished 15:09 FF. So rough.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: worked up to 45kg, tried 50kg but failed the jerk twice. Jerk is a huge weakness for me.

    B: 25kg, felt good. I am liking this cycling work.

    C: worked with Emma, we went FF. I ended up scaling to the orange ball as I couldn’t get a rhythm with the blue one, but orange was too light and was hitting the guys line most of the time! We finished up in 17:13. Felt a lot better doing this than I thought I would.

  • A. 90Kg – sore shoulder, didn’t want to push if
    B. 50,55,60kg
    C. Worked with Tim M – Rx. About 10 or so WBs short of finishing the 4th round. This was tough!

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