Power Cleans then 13.2

Saturday 10.01.2014

A: 1RM Power Clean

B: 13.2

10 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Shoulder to OH (52/35kg)
  • 10 deadlifts (52/35kg)
  • 15 box jumps (step-ups allowed) @24/20

    FF weights: 40/25kg – box height as req.

Coaches notes:

  • Shoulder to overhead can be strict press, push press, push jerk or split jerk. As long as you end the lift in a controlled position and feet end under the hips, you can get it up any way you like.
  • Standards for the open are that the hips and knees must be open at the top of the box. No jumping up and opening of the hips on the way down.
  • This workout is all about quick transitions, for example, you don’t want to waste precious time in a 10 minute AMRAP by dropping the bar from your 5th press/jerk and then resetting for your deadlifts. Try and hold on to the bar and get the deadlifts done straight away. They are the rest portion of the workout and the easiest reps to get!
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  • zacbax says:

    A. Heaviest i got was 90kg it was really easy so jumped to 100kg where i lifted crap. Pb is 95kg

    B. Finished 7 rounds which i was pretty stoked with. After watching james’ tactics in the 1st heat just went for step ups until the last round when i only had 30 seconds to get them done so i was pretty glad to still be able to pull out the rebounds

  • David N says:

    1. Got up to my previous 1RM of 75kg.

    2. 161 reps. In the Open I got 135 reps.
    I did box Jumps for the first 2 rounds then step ups. Landing more under the bar in the S2OH made a huge difference in the latter rounds.

  • Ben M says:

    A) 87kg, PB is 90kg didnt try for PB today. Nice work Matt on your PB of 87kg today.

    B) 8 rounds 2DL’s slow and steady nothing fast about this one

  • Cindyd says:

    A: I didn’t try for a 1RM, instead I lifted 55kg for the first time post-op….so I’m happy with that.

    B: Finished 7rounds, 9Deads. Huge improvement on my 2013 results without crashing the bus. I enjoyed this wod.

    Thanks Kristy for the tips & for making me maintain a decent pace. Awesome vibe in the 8.30 sess with Coach James.

  • Fun as always to train at 715 and then coach the 830 and then NOT have to go to work. Winning.
    A: 100kg smooth off the floor, felt good, no foot movement. 5 under my PR.
    B: 7rds and 5 DL – probably could have pushed a bit harder on this, but its has been a tough week, on the shoulders especially; time for dem #gainz. Awesome to watch Zac crash the bus in the last round to get 7rds flat.

  • TarrynC says:

    Not a great day today, felt slow, tired and just wasn’t moving well.

    A: previous 1rm is 60kg, feel like I have that and more in the tank but was struggling big time today. Failed 55kg twice and even did some weird split clean thing. Ended up getting 55kg easily, tried 60kg but had no juice left.

    B: my shoulders hurt, didn’t feel warm at all and I felt very very weak trying to get the S2OH, just didn’t feel right so I subbed to hang power cleans (thanks James and Annie). Only finished 5 rounds and 5 power cleans. Felt slow and sore. Rest day tomorrow!!

  • Mark says:

    A: PR of 85kg (by half a kilo. I’ll take it).
    B: 152 reps. 13.2 two years ago I got 122 reps, so a full round more this time. Gotta be happy.

  • Liv says:

    It’s been a tough week getting back into it after my long break and today was no exception to any other day from this week..
    A: Could only manage 62.5kg, couldn’t get under 65kg quick enough (all the muscles in my legs did not want to move at all) PB is 70kg
    B: 7rds & 4 S2OH (214 reps)
    Step-ups were the rest for me and a chance to get my breath back. To help with my shoulder, I reracked after each rep of push jerk instead of stringing them together – still gassed me though.
    My previous score from 2 years ago was 5rds & 6 BJ (171 reps) – not too shabby considering this is my first week back after 5 weeks off and having shoulder issues since mid September last year.

  • Kylie J says:

    A. 75kg
    B. 240 reps, 8 rounds flat.

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