Clean Complex and Push Ups

Thursday 8.01.15

Got Ring Dips?

A. 1 Power Cean + TnG Power Clean + Hang Clean + Front Squat

B. @ 50 – 60% of above: 3 sets of 10 UB Squat Cleans

C. 15-12-9 (10 min cap)
Ring Dips
Push ups
200m run between each round

FF Option:
HSPU’s / push ups
Dips off box
push ups
200m run between each round

Post loads and notes to comments

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  • Jason says:

    A. Went up to 60kg. Got some good pointers from Coach Becca to watch my elbows turning/pointing inwards (apparently upper back related which explains why its happening for me)
    B. Worked at 40kg fairly comfortably – was tending to catch the bar very high which I think was just a back protection mechanism.
    C. Went RX, only made it to the first 200m run. Have lost a lot of push strength avoiding these movements due to my back.

  • Liv says:

    A: Worked up to 50kg – legs did not want to move too much so found this really tough

    B: All sets at 25kg, was contemplating going to 30kg after the first set but decided to keep it at 25kg – gets tough at around rep 7

    C: FF – used an ab mat for HSPU, surprisingly these felt really good and had no shoulder pain! Haven’t done HSPU since Sep/Oct last year because of my shoulder so really happy to get back into it (even if it wasn’t full depth…baby steps). Finished up at 3/12 pushups.
    On another note… Where did my push ups go? :O

  • Kylie J says:

    A. 65 kg
    B. 35kg
    C. FF. Ring dips on box. Maybe 4 hspu’s into the 12’s. This one truly exposed my weaknesses. Arms not working properly yet…..

  • Fee says:

    A: 55kg legs wanted to sit at the bottom of the first squat though.
    B: 30kg…… no comment
    C: FF did HSPU and they were great for the first set of 5, then went slightly downhill. Got to 6 push ups in the round of 12.

  • Amanda C says:

    A. 40kg. Tried 42.5kg but chickened out with the hang clean.
    B. 25kg. This was tough, managed 10 reps each time but had to have an involuntary lie down between sets.
    C. Finished the second round of box dips. FF option with push ups from knees for HSPUs.

  • zacbax says:

    A. Got 90kg which i was pretty happy with

    B. Worked at 45kg and it was suprisingly comfortable

    C. Got 8 hspu in the 2nd round

  • Ben M says:

    Thought i should start posting this year so here goes.

    Did Strict Jackie before the session because i said i would to Tom, this was ok but slow 9:36.

    A) nothing special 75kg was a bit lethargic so didnt go any higher.
    B) 45kg pretty woeful at these sets of 6, should and could have done tens but just lazy!
    C) 6:52, this is my wheel house so it was a bit of fun.

  • Sam B says:

    A: 65kg, tried twice @ 70kg, couldn’t get the hang clean either time.

    B: 35kg

    C: did HSPU to an abmat, ring dips and push-ups. Only finished 11 HSPU in the round of 12… This was hard work, but good in that it worked some areas I know I need to improve.

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