5RM Back Squat, strict press then a partner WOD

Tuesday 06.01.14

6:30am crew getting it done - #crossfit Zeus - sorting out logistics for a massive 10am session


The 630am guys hitting “Zeus” before the break


  • A. 5RM Back Squat
  • B. 8 mins to find a heavy triple Strict Press


  • C. Partner WOD
  • 5 rounds each – alternating each round
  • 7 Shoulder to OH 55/35
  • 9 T2B
  • 18 Lateral Bar Hops

Post loads, times and training notes to comments

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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. worked up to 60kgs, my last 5RM was 70, but didn’t want to push it after a month off
    B. New 3RM of 34kgs up from 32
    C. Worked with Elaine, 35kgs, I scaled to sit ups. I was super slow on jumps, we got 3 rounds each plus I got the 7 lifts.

  • Fee says:

    A: 70Kg felt solid and happy with this.
    B: 32.5kg – was a struggle though – even harder when I had uneven weights – thanks for fixing that Prue!
    C: 35kg – only got about three rounds each (I think) – T2B were the limiter and I NEED work on them! Good fun workout though! Loved the jumps!

  • Ivan L says:

    Nice to be back on the Adapt horse and riding again for 2015. First day back after a restful break landscaping the garden. Took it a tiny bit easy on the strength bits but satisfied with how I went.
    A. 100kg. 10kg less than PB. Still claiming (very) slow recovery from hamstring strain.
    B. 55kg. 5kg short of PB (failed 60kg today). Just weak. Impressed by Tim’s 70kg effort.
    C. Tim and I got a credible 11:20 RX.

  • Jason says:

    A. Worked up 80kg and stuck it there for a sets. Happy to work without a box today and the back held up ok.
    B. Very pinchy at 45kg so went back to 40kg to work on form. Decided I need to set aside some time to work on these in open gym, if only to help with technique and keeping my core tight.
    C. 11:06 @ 40kg with Luke. Could/should have gone RX but we decided to ease into it a little more. Got try out some new grips I got for Christmas as well.

  • Brendo says:

    This one destroyed me – I had the shakes so bad when I got home that I had to chase my grain-free granola around the bowl before I could get it to my mouth. Still, my protein shake almost made itself.

    A: 85kg. I don’t have any notes for a 5RM back squat, but my 3RM is 90kg, so pretty happy with that.
    B: 55kg was my 3RM before, and it still is now. Tried for 57kg but failed and then gassed out so I couldn’t repeat the 55kg. Got 50kg up successfully.
    C: worked with “Rampaging”-Ray Simonsen who absolutely smashed the backside off this workout. My shoulders and legs were done by this point so shoulder to OH was very slow for me. Ray made 4 full rounds and we timed out after 2 T2B into my 4th round.

  • Cindyd says:

    I walked into the gym broken today, I have been managing my injuries pretty well, until yesterday when it went to poo. Abs are so tight & swollen and the ligament in my foot is pissed off with life. So I wasn’t expecting much today.

    A: 5 x 55Kgs, these felt good but I decided to not go heavier then this.

    B: 3 x 35kgs, these where pretty solid although the last rep was almost one armed??

    C: I managed 3 rounds of shoulder to OH, Step ups with baby seal and KBS…

    Was awesome to watch Steve and James smash this wod… bloody fit A-holes! ;0)

  • A: 115kg, well off my 5rm of 125, but building the squats back up
    B: 60kg 3rm sneaky PR – BTWB told me so!
    C: Partnered with Steveo and despite my poor protesting hands we finished in 10mins.

  • Elaine says:

    A: got to 55kgs, previous was 50kgs
    B: got to 32kgs, no 3RM recorded yet but my 1RM is 35kgs
    C: 3 rounds plus the 7 Shoulder to OHs from Sharon – good fun !

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 90kg Well off my previous 5RM of 110 – thighs just didn’t have it today
    B) 57kg – 3kg off my last 3RM. Tried for 62 but failed.
    C) Praired up with Brendo who just wasn’t feeling the love today with his barbell…
    Got through 4 rounds and Brendo was 3 Toes2Bar into round 4.
    I did knees to chest.

  • Becca says:

    Trained with Cindy today – was good fun!
    A. 55kg for 5. Had a crack at 60kg and only got in 3 reps.
    B. 3 reps at 35g – happy with this
    C. with Cindy – got into my 4th round 9/9 T2B? T2B got worse and SH2OH got better as i went… good to train with the 10am crew ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TarrynC says:

    A: previous 5rm is 70kg, only managed 2 at that weight today. Got 5 reps at 60kg on my second attempt.

    B: 30kg felt good. Tried 33kg but I forgot to put 2.5kg on my side and I was wondering why it was so wonky. Tried with real 33kg and failed.

    C: worked with Sara, I mixed up T2B and sit ups because my T2B are super slow. Subbed jumps for 15 KB swings. I finished 4 rounds, Sara finished T2B on her 4th round.

  • zacbax says:

    A. Got 120kg easily so decided to have a crack at 132kg for a pb but did two of the worst squats of my life and racked it.

    B. Was suprised to get upto 57kg and even more suprised that this was a pr. One day ill grow shoulders.

    C. Think ill deserve burpees for forgetting my partners name but we got through 8 rounds then i got 5 t2b

  • Liv says:

    Strength A: Worked up to 65kg for the 5RM. This was pretty tough after the 3rd rep. Should have been a lot more judging from my numbers before December but easing myself back into it – it’s still a BW 5RM though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Strength B: 3reps at 15kg, 20kg when my shoulder started to cry so went with push press for 25kg – called it there as it wasn’t any better

    Conditioning: Worked with Kathleen and went FF so did situps as my hand is torn from yesterday. Scaled the shoulder to overhead by using a 20kg bar.
    We finished in 8:03 (probably should have done a few extra rounds :P)

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 70kg
    B: 3 @35kg, 2 @40kg then failed the third
    C: 8:03 with Liv – subbed T2B for sit ups because of my hand, S2OH @35kg

  • Sam B says:

    Trained in the evening. Nice to meet a new bunch of Adaptees.

    A: 90kg. Give my 1RM is 110kg, I may need to retest. Lifting seems easier this late in the day compared to 5:30am…

    B: 42.5kg.

    C: Worked with Dan. I think we both finished the 4th round, and he got out a bunch of T2B before timing out.

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