Welcome back!

Monday 5.1.15

A) Strength

  • Snatch Complex:
  • Power Snatch
  • TNG Power Snatch
  • Hang Snatch
  • OHS

B) Strength

  • 3×10 Unbroken Power Snatch @ 50-60% of above
  • Focus on smooth cycling of reps

C) Conditioning

  • AMRAP 8mins
  • RX:
    • 10x Pullups
    • 20x Box Jumps (24/20)
    • 40x Double Unders
  • FF:
    • 10x Ring rows
    • 20x Box Jump/Step Ups
    • 40x Double Unders/Singles


It’s the New Year so isn’t it time you started to log your workouts more seriously? Our new programming cycle has started so there is no better time to start writing it all down. I’ll be releasing a few articles in the coming weeks about BeyondTheWhiteboard, the tracking website I use for all my workouts. Watch out for these ones.

Post reps, loads and times to comments.