Snatch and Clean+Jerk Max

Monday 22.12.14


Dave “the Photobomber” Paletua, featuring Sara and Liv at Smash Clash.



  •  Snatch Max
  •  Clean and Jerk Max
  • Coaches notes:
    • Plenty of time to work towards a max
    • Make sure to rest between heavy reps


A quick reminder of the gym open times this week.

  • Monday: Business as usual
  • Tuesday: Business as usual
  • Wednesday: 5:30am, 6:30am, 10am. No evening sessions or open gym
  • Check the newsletter here for the full holiday schedule!

Post loads, notes and PB’s to comments.

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  • Fee says:

    A: 50kg – PR – stoked to finally reach this figure. Ready for 55kg next year!
    B: 60kg – equal PR. Mentally was not in it, so miserably failed 63kg.
    Great Monday morning though!
    Thanks James

  • Jason says:

    A. Got up to 65kg but I was feeling very tight and form wasn’t crash hot at 60+ so went back to 60 for a few. Speed finally came on my last lift.
    B. Got up to 80kg with power cleans – pretty happy with that as I haven’t done heavy jerks (or cleans really) in months.

    Good working with Tim today – congrats on the PB! Thanks Coach James!

    And Merry Christmas / Happy New Year to everyone – see you in the new year!

  • Elaine says:

    Slowly moved up on these lifts today as I get back on track after the break in November. Well done Fee, great lifting.
    A:35kg, I usually feel a bit nervous once I get to this weight but lifting this but felt good, really good. Note to self – time to move beyond this number. Thanks Coach James for getting me focused earlier on it helped as the weight went up.
    B: 40kgs failed 45kgs, just could not get out of the squat despite 3 bounces. Will work on a weight somewhere in between next time.

  • Will_C says:

    A) nothing new to report here just worked up to 65kgs – way off my PB unfortunately 🙁
    B) 80kg new PB and damn happy about that!! Split needs work though but a few more reps at this weight would have tidied up the technique as the weight felt good and I think there’s room to go heavier too. Very unexpected!!

  • Lots of great efforts in the early classes today. I liked it! Congratz to all who got PBs.

    A) 75kg pretty comfortably. Skipped 80kg and went for a new pb 83kg, no dice.
    B) worked up to 100kg easily here. 6kg under max.

    Merry Christmas to everyone over the break. Drive safe (if you are going away) and enjoy the holidays!

  • Bec B says:

    Snatch: new pb 40kg from 36 (although I got 42 from the hang last week so I was hoping for 43!) Got under 43 a couple of times but just too unstable to stand up, close!
    C&J: new pb 55kg from 52.5. Felt really good so went for 58 but maybe just needed a bit more time… Clean was tough and then I epically failed the jerk… It went all sideways and awkward and I’m glad no one was filming!! It’s there next time though 🙂

  • eliza says:

    A – Snatch – 30kg, not aiming for anything special tonight, just felt blah
    B – 50kg. The jerk felt easy so then went for 55, couldn’t clean it, bummer hey. oh well.
    thanks coach bec 🙂

  • Steve-o says:

    A) no snatch PB 🙁
    Hit 58KG, attempted 63 but still missing the catch (sucky as 70kg power snatch was ok when I hit it 🙁 )

    B) PB x 2 – 93kg C&J (missed jerk at 95kg) & 100kg Clean.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: nothing was switching on early in the session today…took me a while but I got 47.5kg which is 2.5kg under my PB.

    B: current PB is 58kg, but in the past anything over 50kg has a messy press our Jerk. Decided today I wouldn’t increase weight unless it was a proper jerk. Managed to get a quality jerk at 55kg after a few attempts. Happy as this isn’t a PB but my heaviest jerk with good form.

  • 2 PBs yesterday!
    -90kg snatch. Just couldn’t get under the 95 and no time for 92.5. Need to finish the pull.
    -100kg C&J. I’m getting a really bad head spin at the top of the clean, so having to slow it down a bit.

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