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  • Fee says:

    A: 45kg – was humbled by Tahni starting at that weight!
    B: 3:47 or something like that at 30kg
    Ok morning for a Monday!

  • Jason says:

    A. Shoulder is still a bit sore but it played nice today and managed 72kg (a 7kg PB ! and is first time hitting a snatch of any type at 70+)
    B. FF – 2:01 – pretty darn happy with that. Was nice and controlled.

    Fun 6:30 session and always enjoy working with Ivan.

  • Ivan L says:

    A. Got 60kg quite comfortably, then failed 65kg three times I think. But I’m calling it a win, on two counts: 60kg is an equal PB, and I got so very close to the 65kg. I reckon I’ll get it next time.
    I enjoyed watching Jason – 60kg looked shaky, then he got better at 70 and 72kg.
    B. FF – 1:51 I think. Pretty surprised, because I’d watched Jason and thought I was no chance of getting near that. Got sloppy though – now that I’ve got shin protection I’ve decided to bang my knees instead.

    And bl**dy Tahni – she and Ewen stayed up all night, turned up for the 5:30am class and she got 2:16 or something RX. I shall get some mileage from the report that Ewen bailed after 15 reps (RX? Bah humbug).

  • Brendo says:

    Except for the end result, it looks like I did the same as Tahni and Ewen – stayed up til 12:30 and came in suitably pre-fatigued. Only got out 50kg in the hang snatch and 3:51 @ 40kg for Isabelle.
    At least I didn’t bail half way through! Kept my shirt on, too. (There you go Ivan, just pre-softening Ewen for you 🙂 ).

  • TessaW says:

    A: 60kg – 2.5kg PB and equal to my full snatch max set a week ago. Failed 62 and didnt try again.
    B: Thanks to Ben’s enthusiasm, went Rx and scraped through at 2:44. Last 10 reps were pretty ugly…

  • TarrynC says:

    A: nailed 45kg, failed 50kg three times…got into the bottom of the squat just didn’t switch on my lats and lost the bar forward.

    B: after chatting with Coach Ben I went RX and did them 1 at a time. Finished on 6:04 so just after the buzzer was meant to go. I think Ben turned the buzzer off so I didn’t mentally check out…either that or I was in too much pain to hear it. Thanks Ben and Jaq for pushing me through!

  • A) 90kg. Almost got under the bar for 95kg.
    B) 4:35 rxd. Dropped the bar every rep and just tried to keep going. I can really tell this difference this morning as my back isn’t sore.

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