Max Snatch and Helen

Big congrats to Tahni and Karl for placing 2nd and 3rd respectively overall on the weekend at Smash Clash! Awesome work to by all the competitors, especially our Adapt crew.

Adapt Crew at Smash Clash 2014

Adapt Crew at Smash Clash 2014

Monday 08.12.14

A. Strength

  • Max Snatch! (15min)

Notes: work up to a max, not necessarily a 1rm.

B. Conditioning

  • Helen!! (14min cap)
  • 3RFT:
    • 400m run
    • 21 OH KB Swings (24/16)
    • 12 Pull-ups


  • 14min is a bit longer to get this done so take a good crack at it.
  • FF scale pull-ups to ring rows and OH KB’s to Russian KB’s

The Adapt Christmas Party is this Saturday ($10) so make sure you hit up a coach to pay and get your spot! Its going to be a fun day with a WOD at 1030am and followed by BBQ lunch at 12. Last years was a hoot with many shenanigans and good times had by all.


Post loads, reps and training notes to comments.

Past times Helen has been programmed

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Jason says:

    A. Worked with Tim today – mainly on Technique. Got to 60kg comfortably.
    B. RX 11:54 I think. First time doing this benchmark so pretty happy with that. Notes – my back was a bit pinchy on the runs so had to focus on tight core. Did singles for all the PUs. Broke the last set of KBs up into 12 and 9. Always can improve on my cardio.

    Love watching the Lawlers on WODs like this – very efficient.

    Good session James!

    Was great to watch some of Smashclash on the weekend – everyone kicked ass!

  • Fee says:

    A: Almost got 47.5kg – but kind of didn’t have the mindset and dropped the bar almost at the top… woops! Got 45Kg though.
    B: 12:13 FF (ring rows) – still did OH KB swings which were tougher than I thought after running!
    Good morning. Looking forward to the rest of this week

  • Ivan L says:

    Feeling pretty pleased for the Lawler performance of the last few days. Tahni’s 2nd place at Smash Clash is of course the pinnacle. Looking forward to the full score sheet – I reckon Kenny wasn’t too far out of the placings.
    Cut to Monday, Karen knocks off Helen RX for the first time and Ewen equals the 3rd fastest time on the board (8:16) and Kenny knocks off Tahni for first place (9:46 I think). And for me an equal PB snatch (65kg) and a 7s PB for Helen (9:19).
    I’m especially glad about the snatch for two reasons: 1. I haven’t been going so well of late, due to the dodgy hammies, and; 2. Just beforehand, my 16 year old, 25kg lighter daughter strolls over to Tim and I and casually says, “I’m having a bit of trouble nailing the 65kg snatch.” Well I’m not, so there! Then I failed 66kg twice. Oh well.

  • Brendo says:

    A: 45kg. My body was too bootylicious for anything more this morning.
    B: 12:37 Rx. I reckon I’d like to give this one a go when I’m fresh – there’s a sub-11 minutes in there somewhere.
    Smash Clash was nothing short of punishing. I think I did really well based on where I’m at, but was overwhelmingly outclassed by the competition. Time to make pull-ups my b!tch!

  • A: worked to 70kg easily enough. Failed 75 and called it for my poor shoulders… and legs… and everything else pretty much.

    B: 10:34 rx – punish of a workout. Have done it as a double before (twice through) with only Russian KB swings. Best time out of the two was 10:38 so I’m calling this a pretty good PB all considered.

    Agree with Brendo – need to make pull-ups my new frenemy. Right now they just kick me in the crotch every time they see me.

    Thoughts on Smash Clash: Less rain, more sled pushes! Adapt as always brought the spirit to the event. Good too see everyone who came down to compete and/or spectate.

    And as always its fun to coach the crazies who train at 5 and 6! Good job to everyone who PB’d Helen or their snatch.

  • Steve-o says:

    wesome weekend effort by all! Some inspiring stuff pushing through the rain 🙂

    I’m a bit sore still so i took the time today to hit technique. Did a few reps each position at 30kg and 40kg then a few reps at 50.

    Helen… the wod where i almost skull crushed myself in the past and my first ever benchmark wod!
    1 min PB (forearms were In a world of hurt) – 10:43

  • Craig W says:

    A. Hit 90kg and felt good
    B. Forearms blew up in the last round of pull ups – 8:22RX (PR at Adapt: 8:06)

    • Ivan L says:

      Gee Craig – you didn’t get beaten by a 15 year old boy did you (see above)? Welcome to the old man club.

  • TessaW says:

    Was feeling pretty stiff and sorry for myself when I walked in this evening – wasn’t expecting much at all. Managed to surprise myself!
    A: 60kg!! A 7.5kg PB. Pretty stoked – happy to hit that 60.
    B: First time with Helen. Scaled to ring rows instead of pull ups and finished at 11:57. Pretty pleased as I was actually faster on the runs than I thought I would be.
    Reeeally need to also make pull-ups my bitch. Went RX all day at smash clash, until those blasted pull-ups.

  • David N says:

    Snatch up, Helen down.
    A: got a solid 57.5kg . Concentrated on the shrug more this time and then remembered to bring my hands in a little as it got heavier, both of these made things a lot more comfortable.
    B. Helen RX 25/36 pull ups. I broke the kettle bells down into 3 sets and mostly sets of 4 for the pull ups.

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