Smash Clash prepping and greasing the groove

Thursday 4.12.14

Craig and Rosey - Post Murph

A: unloaded barbell work – clean and jerk tech.

B: 3×10 back squat @ 50%

C: “Grace-abelle”

For time (6 min cap):

  • 15 Clean and Jerks @ 60/40
  • 15 snatches @ 60/40kg

FF weights: 40/25kg

Post loads, times and training notes to comments.

Smash Clash News

Sam Bettison (our in house Chiro/ART practitioner) along with other therapists will be offering treatment on the weekend -> Treatment costs a $5 donation to Ronald McDonald House. If you need to get RockTaped -> bring an additional $5 or your very own roll of tape (available in the gym for $20)


Countdown is on! Saturday is going to be a massive day, so to help keep us running to time we need all our competitors registered and ready to go first thing! Here’s the program

  • 09.00 WOD 1 COMMENCES

See you guys bright and early on Saturday morning!

What to bring (competitors and spectators)

  • Sunscreen
  • Water/Food
  • $ for tickets for Ronald McDonald House fundraiser raffle
  • $ for Physio treatments (all proceeds donated to Ronald McDonald House Canberra)

CF Smash will have bottled water, Powerade and Coach Boon’s famous cold drip coffee on sale. The lovely Kat from Kat’s Tasty Treats and Smart Meals will be there selling meals and treats (including her new cupcakes!) and the team at Cafe Alibi (next door to CrossFit Smash) will also be open and serving coffee, food and drinks all day!

Keep up to date with the latest on Smash Clash 2014 via the Smash Facebook page


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Coach B

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  • Jason says:

    A. Not too much to report here. Focused on elbows up.
    B. Worked with Luke today, I did box squats 60, 65, 70
    C. FF. Went UB through to my 11th snatch at about the 1:50 mark then hit a wall, crashed the bus, killed the kids (all that jazz) and took about 40 sec to finish off the last 4 snatches at 2:30. Had a good laugh, still got a smile on my face.

  • Sam B says:

    A: yep, did it…

    B: 55kg

    C: Worked at 30kg, which is just over 50% of max snatch (we didn’t have the FF weights on the board this morning, 40kg would have been a good challenge). Finished in 2:46. C&J good and cycled well, kept missing position 1 in the snatch…

  • Ivan L says:

    A. Perfect technique of course…
    B. Worked with Tim W – 2 sets at 50kg and 60kg. I’m tentatively thinking my hamstrings are slowly coming good, but still nervous about any weight, esp. with Smash Clash coming.
    C. 2:17 at 40kg. Lighter than I’d like, but in my defence I again plead Smash Clash. Happy with the speed, but if I’m honest I tend to do too many “snatch presses” when I’m trying to knock something off quickly. I think I’d actually have better form in a longer workout if I knew I’d have to reduce fatigure for the later rounds.

  • Marc D. says:

    A) Worked on P2 to P1
    B) 60Kg
    C) Partnered with Nath who killed this. I finished 2:13 @ 40Kg.

  • Cindyd says:

    A: Great to practice this
    B: Did 1 x 35kg & 2 x 45kg these felt pretty good & I had Sara ensure I had the depth.
    C: 2.08 @25kg … C&J felt good, cycling the snatches not so much…I enjoyed this though.

    Great sess from Coach Craig, not only did he provide great pointers on all movements, but he even put on a fashion show…. 😉

  • TessaW says:

    A: Practise practise
    B: 65kg
    C: 2:25 @ 30kg. Would have enjoyed the challenge of 40kg – but smash clash coming and it would have taken too long.

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