clean and jerk max + bumper plate thrusters?

Thursday 27.11.12

Ryan Hinz interviewed Craig and KJ on Monday – re: their recent success at the Pan Pac Masters – listen to it. (UPDATE: it’ actually works now…)
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A: 15 mins to est. max clean and jerk

B – RX

3 rounds for time (12 min cap):

  • 20 bumper plate thrusters @ 20/10kg
  • 20 burpee on to bumper plate
  • 20 OH walking lunges
  • 200m run w/ bumper plate

B – FF

3 rounds for time (12 min cap):

  • 15 bumper plate thrusters @ 15/5kg
  • 15 burpee on to bumper plate
  • 15 OH walking lunges
  • 200m run w/ bumper plate

Post loads and times (or completed rounds and reps) to comments.

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  • Matt B says:

    Down at ulladulla at the moment and since its raining I couldn’t hit the surf like I wanted to this morning.
    So instead I hit the pool for a few laps before I hit the gym for the following:

    5 x 3 @ 100kg (bench press & back squat)

    “The Ulladulla Chipper”
    40 cal row
    35 push ups
    30 knee raises
    25 thrusters
    20 OH swings @ 24kg
    15 strict pull-ups
    10 Burpees

    And I was the only person under the age of 70 at the whole place!!

  • A; worked up to 100kg for the C+J. 103.5 for a clean comfortably but got a bit dizzy and dumped it before the jerk. Chasing down 106 but not this time.
    B: 2 rds and 11 burpees rx – so much pain face.

    Nice Work Matt get a shot of an OHS with a walking frame for next time? 😀

  • Cindyd says:

    FF 2 rounds 10 lunges….I decided to finish the wod, I needed closure 13.49….although one of the 200m runs I forgot the bumper because I’m crazy like that.

  • kirsten says:

    this was so tough. Buzzer went off somewhere in the run on round 2 did ex weights and reps.

  • David N says:

    A: 72kg. Failed 75kg on the Jerk.
    B: FF : 2 rounds 15 thrusters

  • Liv says:

    Forgot to post yesterday..
    A: Worked up to 60kg for clean and split jerk – first time to do that weight overhead since my shoulder issue, taking it easy though so just did the clean at 65kg and called it there – wasn’t feeling it
    B: 5 burpees in round 3 Rx – Took my nose out in the first round of thrusters and had watery eyes for the remainder of that round cos I didn’t want to put the bumper down! I wanted to cry haha.. then came in from the run and cleaned my chin (stupid movement :P)
    Fun 6:30am session with Coach Annie 😀

  • Craig W says:

    A. Hit 110kg
    B. Wasn’t great, used 25kg plate. 2 Rounds and 14 Thrusters.

  • Sam B says:

    A: 70kg, tried for 75kg (my old 1RM) but didn’t quite have the juice… Next time.

    B: FF option, got somewhere in the third round, can’t remember where – I think I was doing lunges when the buzzer went.

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