Post Murph wrap up, plan for the end of the year including shutdown

Hey guys, thought I’d explain the last couple of weeks of programming, the next couple of weeks of programming – leading up to Smash Clash – as well as some important dates – including shutdown – for the end of the year…

The week just past – 17-22 November – : It’s been a tough week at the office – hang in there – believe it or not – there actually is a method to this current madness… Top effort to everyone who came and did Murph today. Congrats to the guys that PR’d and the people who managed to do it – by themselves – for the first time!

This week – 24-29 November
Another tough week lies ahead although we’ll be shifting the focus to a little more upper body work – to give your legs a bit of a rest…

Week leading up to Smash Clash – 30 Nov – 6 December 
We’ll be dialling things back for a semi de-load week and spending a little more time working on some movements in preparation for Smash Clash…

Smash Clash – 6th December 
Please note that the gym will be closed on Saturday as we’ll all be down at Smash Clash – Make sure you come along to cheer on all the Adapt crew having a go.

The 2 Weeks after Smash Clash – 8 – 13 December – 15th – 20th
After Smash Clash we thought we’d spend a couple of weeks putting some names against some more benchmarks and hero WODs. It’s not what we would usually do but I know there’s a few peeps keen to test themselves – so stay tuned…

Adapt Christmas/End of Year Party – 13th December
We’ll only be running one workout @ 10:30am – followed by some lunch. We’ll start taking names and cash over the next couple of weeks to confirm numbers for catering.

Christmas shutdown – 3 public holidays (Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day) + 4 days
Over the Christmas/New Years period Adapt will be open/closed as follows:

  • Mon 22.12 – business as usual
  • Tue 23.12 – business as usual
  • Wed 24.12 – Christmas Eve – – sessions @ 5:30,6:30 and 10am – no night time sessions / Open Gym.
  • Thu 25.12 – Christmas Day – public holiday –
  • Fri 26.12 – Boxing Day – public holiday –
  • Sat 27.12 – closed
  • Mon 29.12 – closed
  • Tue 30.12 – closed
  • Wed 31.12 – New year’s Eve – – closed
  • Thu 1.1.15 – New Year’s Day – public holiday –
  • Fri 2.1 – 1 session only – 10am
  • Sat 3.1 – 1 session only – 10am
  • Mon 5.1 – business as usual

If you have any questions/comments please hit us up next time you’re in the gym.

Coach B

Training for Monday 24.11.14

A: 20 mins to est. 3RM OH squat

B – RX:

3 min running clock:

  • 400m run; then w/ remaining time:
  • ME hang power snatches @ 60/40kg
  • 1 min rest

3 min running clock:

  • 400m run: then w/ remaining time:
  • ME shoulder 2 OH (anyhow) @ 60/40kg
  • 1 min rest

3 min running clock:

  • 400m run; then w/ remaining time:
  • ME lateral bar burpees

B – FF weights: 40/25kg

Post loads (especially PRs) and reps to comments.

Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

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  • Ivan L says:

    Hooray. Able to post something after a couple of weeks “resting” (not counting Call of the Beast, an Oztag competition and landscaping the garden).
    Still a bit sensitive so no impressive weights to report.
    A. 60kg and a double at 70kg.
    B. 15:20:22 at 40kg. Reasonably happy with that.
    Smash clash is getting a little frighteningly close.

  • Jason says:

    A. 80kg (PB up from 70kg)
    B. FF – 20/20/10 – slow and steady on the runs but that was the plan.

    Big 6:30 session today – was good fun.

  • Fee says:

    A: 50Kg. No fail, so would love to try 55Kg out of the rack next time.
    B: RX 5:9:16 – snatches were a struggle after the run and I felt like a sloth doing burpees, but got through. Happy with a consistent 1:30 for each run. Especially liked how I arranged for the garbage truck to interfere with Brendo and Shar so I could beat them on the final run!!!

  • Steve-o says:

    Great looking couple of weeks ahead! Would love to see some of the Aussie Hero WODs mixed in there!

    Felt a bit tender after camping over the weekend, and almost skipped this morning but thought I’d give it a crack and glad I did 🙂

    A) 70kg OHS – First two were great, third one fell forward on the way up so not a legit 3RM (60kg for the full 3).

    B) Stayed at 40kg, ran negative splits (1:35 -> 1:25 -> 1:15) and got
    11? snatches
    30 shoulder to OH
    21 burpees.

    Nice little burner!

  • Amanda C says:

    A. 37.5kg, which is a new 1RM (up from 35kg) 2RM (up from 35kg last week) and 3RM (up from 30Kg).

    B. Subbed the run for 8 cals on the airdyne. FF version with 8 snatches, 18 S2OH (?) and 9 burpees.

    Looking forward to smash clash!

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. New 3RM 46kg up from 45, ran out of time to try more, was keen to chase Fee
    B. Ran the first leg, by the time I got to my bar I only had 10 seconds left, so only got 1 snatch – went for 35kgs rather than 40kgs too. Then Ben put me on Airdyne for 8 cals, which was much quicker, got 11 shoulder to overhead and then 6 burpees.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) 65kg Triple, 5kg up on my 1RM. 🙂
    B) 40kg – 10:14:9 I think… I was pretty happy with this as the running smashed me, but I am coming in on the runs around 1:40 so not terrible…

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 3 @ 60kg. Ran out of time to attempt 65kg.
    B: 400m @ 1:30, 1:27, 1:24. 5 snatches @ 40kg, 15 S2OH @ 40kg, 16 burpees.

    Great start to the week!

  • Craig W says:

    A. Hit 80kg then had nothing in the tank at 90kg so called it
    B. I was the odd number so did heat 1 at RX then went again in heat 2 but at 40kg
    H1. 14/24/22
    H2. 17/30/23

  • Bec B says:

    Back after about a week and a half as had Raw Fitness Challenge (Youch!) and then got sick…
    A. Felt pretty good at 40kg (which is a new 1RM also) failed the first at 45kg, chest dropped a bit, didn’t really get another shot at it as my wrists had cracked it by then.
    B. FF: 10/16/12. Struggled a bit with the breathing on this, still not 100% healthy! But head felt a bit clearer afterwards, sweat it out!

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 3 @ 55kg. Chest dropped a bit. That’s equal to my 1rm. Thanks KJ for encouraging me to try again after failing my second rep on my first attempt.

    B: totally underestimated the effect of fatigue on lifting ability! Went rx weight, subbed running for 10 cal on airdyne. Managed 1 snatch (2 fails), 6 S2OH and 7 burpees. Tough!

  • eliza says:

    A – did 40 kg 3 rm, hands stopped me, so did some back squats
    B- FF
    8 calories on airdyne, box jumps 20, 19 shoulder to overhead and 1 min 30 sec on plank (so prob 40 seconds!)
    after recovering a bit worked on some kipping pullups and got2 and a half witnessed by Sean 🙂 Yay!
    Thanks Coach!

  • TessaW says:

    A: 60kg – no fails, I should have gone for more
    B: Rx – 9,8,11

  • David N says:

    A: 60kg (2x65kg on the 3rd attempt)
    B: 8,15,15 (1:35,1:34,1:36) FF

  • zacbax says:

    A. Got upto 80kg whuch was the 1st weight that actually challenged would have like to try heavier but ran out of time probably not heaps more room anyway though.

    B. 6, 9 and 13 rx running i can feel my lack of fitness big time!

  • Kylie J says:

    A. 60kg
    B. Rx 9, 11, 11

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