Volume training then Deadlift/Burpee WOD

Wednesday 12.11.14

Everyone's doing it!

Everyone’s doing it!


  • Handstand or Muscle Up development

Volume Training:

EMOTM (10min) – MUs (pull-ups) and HSPU (push-ups)

  • focus: MUs or HSPU -> 3-5 reps
  • filler: double unders


Deadlift/Burpee WOD
5 RFT: (6 min cap)


  • 5 deadlifts (125kg/90kg)
  • 10 burpees

  • 6 deadlifts (60/40kg)
  • 6 burpees

Coaches Notes:

  • To do RX you must have a 1RM greater or equal to 160kg for guys & 110kg for girls. The burpees will be the limiter.

Post reps and time to comments.

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  • Fee says:

    A: handstands were pretty average so did some kipping HSPU which was not the best idea of mine (considering the volume training to follow.
    B: tried kipping (not scaled). Got 3 for first few rounds then dropped to scaled. Super tough but good.
    C: I really want to swear about this, but I will refrain…………..
    Did RX and got 5:51. Ouch.

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. hollow rocks
    B. 5 rings rows each minute
    C. FF – finished in 4.21

  • Steve-o says:

    A) Still avoiding MU work fo a few more weeks to not anger the wrist, so right hand 1 arm holds again… loving the progress, almost hold it straight now 🙂

    B) Sets of 3-4 strict pull-ups

    C) 5:14 rx – Always a juicy WOD!

  • Ivan L says:

    I shouldn’t be looking at this page. Not training is really quite frustrating. It turns out that having sore hammies, doing squats on Friday, 11km Call of the Beast on Saturday, then 4 hours of excavating in the garden on each of Saturday and Sunday is not optimal for rehabilitation.
    Hoping to head up for an Oztag competition in Coffs Harbour this weekend, so I am spending the week doing everything not to tempt myself into using my hamstrings. And after all, who can resist a good old-fashioned squat or lunge?

  • Amanda C says:

    A: worked on wall walks. I am getting closer to the wall but need to do some homework to get all the way there.
    B. push ups (3 to 2 each time). DUs were not the best.
    C. 4:29 FF version. Went from jump up burpees to step up burpees after the first round. Need to try and keep the jump ups happening.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Handstand Holds and attempted to achieve a kipping HSPU. I can now lower myself all the way down to my head….
    B)4-5 Blue Banded pull ups each round.
    C) 2:20 for fitness 60kg.

  • KJ says:

    Most exciting thing about training tonight was during part A. FIVE chicks doing muscle ups! FIVE! Awesome.
    Jumping down from 3rd one – manage to re-injure my calf 😡.
    Think I would be old and wise enough to know better!?
    Time to dial it back.

  • TessaW says:

    A: Freestanding handstands
    B: Strict (scaled with a 10kg plate) HSPU 3 x each minute
    C: Did the FF option, but with 55kg. Finished 2:48.

  • A) Worked getting multiple kips in a row.
    B) Strict pull ups (5) – Got 3 or 4 for rounds 6-9.
    C) FF – 3:09.

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