Handstand/Muscle Up play & Mary prep

Wednesday 05.11.14

Warmup: Baseball anyone?

Warmup: Baseball anyone?


  • Handstand play or Muscle up development


Mary prep (every 90 seconds for 12 minutes)

  • 6 x HSPU
  • 6  x pistols
  • 6 x pull-ups


12min AMRAP

  • 6 x pushups
  • 6 x squats
  • 6 x ring rows

Post achievements (i.e. Peticus’s first muscle up) and reps to comments.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. played with hollow rocks and double unders due to shoulder
    B. Worked with Kylie C, on scaled version, got through 13 rounds in 12 minutes. Subbed sit ups for push ups after 5 rounds due to shoulder

  • Fee says:

    A: did some free standing then some one arm holds against the wall… good fun! Super impressive watching the muscle up gurus!
    B: Did FF version but with HSPU – no idea how many rounds, but managed to keep going with the HSPU all the way through and mostly could get 6 in a row which surprised me. I think having Kenny next to me was my inspiration.
    Great session! Except for the coach!!!!!! 😉

  • Ivan L says:

    Fun day today. Enjoyed the warm up (WTF??). And of course loved hearing a bit of Pearl Jam this morning.
    A. I did a range of things, mostly front and backward facing wall handstands which are leading to slight improvements. And then 1 muscle up which was good for my confidence.
    B. Wanted to do RX but baulked at the pistols and subbed in squats (yes, the hammie again). So I tried to go one per minute. And I promised Coop I’d go faster if he played Pearl Jam’s “Evolution”. So I went fast for a minute or two and then the shoulders blew out. I’m evolving into Coop.11 rounds + 2 HSPU.

  • Steve-o says:

    Fun warm-up! Good job Coops and whatever team i was on…

    A) Wrist didn’t like muscle-ups so went to handstand walking practice.

    B) Did the RX side, after the halfway mark this got sucky. I think I missed 1 round in total – I didn’t hate missing out on that 1 round.

    Grats to Peticus for not only his 1st ever Muscle-Up, but another 3 for 4 strong looking muscle-ups total!

  • A: Awesome vibe in the 10am today with Jimmy hitting a massive 5 muscle-ups on his first ever attempt at them. Seriously. Watch out Coach Craig, Jimmy is gunning for your spot on the board! For myself I was pretty happy to get my first (and second) strict muscle up. This is why I love CrossFit, still getting and setting gains.

    B: Work with th EMOM on strict HSPU until they died in the butt, so I switched to the AMRAP to practise them as long as I was able. 7 RDS all together with the first 3RDS + 4 HSPU strict.

    • Coach B says:

      10 was a mega guy session + Sarah and Polly repping the girls.

      Yep, Jimmy was hitting MUs like it was nothing – kipping? hardly – super tidy -> 5 in a row (footage coming soon – I’ll upload to facebook…)

      A: played with freestanding kipping HSPU -> no love today 🙁

      B: trained with Benny M (who did the RX versions and everything strict) then I went – did everything the kipping HSPU, pistols and butterfly pull-ups -> tried to keep rounds sub 40 sec.Felt pretty good at the end so restarted the clock and went for another 12 mins. 96 pistols is gonna hurt tomorrow?!

      Forgot that I’m training with Lize @ tonight’s 5pm sesh – going to do the FF version -> super steady state.

  • eliza says:

    A – some sort of handstands and a chat
    B – FF, no idea of rounds, was semi fun, but crazy hard. Nice to have Ben counting my reps, even if he was too knackered from his previous workouts to train with me tonight, so thanks 🙂
    also as always thanks coach sean 🙂

  • A) Working on my strict with turn out. Got a few rounds of 3 as was working form, not reps. Also did a bit of handstand play.
    B) Started the RX one, but didn’t finish the pull ups in the round of 6 mins. Completed 8 rounds + 3 pistols. The (strict) HSPUs were slowing me down.
    C) 14 + 12 of round 16. Was really feeling it in my shoulders after the HSPU.

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