Wednesday 29.10.14

A – Nate (RX):

20min AMRAP:

  • 2 x Muscle ups (jump-through MUs are allowed – but only if the rings are higher than your eyebrows)
  • 4 x HSPU
  • 8 x OH kettlebell swings w/ 32/24kg

compare to 20.8.14

A – For Fitness (FF)

16min AMRAP:

  • 2 x Strict pullups
  • 5 x Push ups
  • 10 x Russian (shoulder height) kettlebell swings

FF Coaches notes

  • pull-ups: If you need to use a band -> pick the smallest band possible. The aim of the game is to develop your strict pull-ups in an attempt to move closer to one day being able to perform muscle-ups… semi kipping your pull-ups on super-fat bands does not achieve this.
  • “How heavy should my kettlebell be?”: pick a weight than will allow to to perform all your swings unbroken, with poise.
  • Amount of work required: 10-15 rounds.

Post rounds and reps to comments.