Paused Front Squats, Pullups, Double unders and Burpees

Tuesday 28.10.14

Will C

Will C smashing the Open earlier on this year


  • A. 15 mins to find a 3RM Front Squat – 3 sec pause in the bottom of each rep
  • B. 3×6-12 Strict Pullups
  •      1x ME Kipping Pullups – if on banded pullups just do an additional set of the above


  • 10 min running clock
  • 800m run
  • AMRAP in remaining time
  • 10 Burpees
  • 30 Double Unders

Post loads, reps and rounds to comments


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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. Pausing makes these so much harder. Got to 50kgs.
    B. Ring rows, did 5 sets of 6
    C. Legs were fatigued from yesterdays bike ride, so my run was a bit slower than normal at 5.55 (best is 5.15) and got through one round (with unbroken 50 single skips) and then 7 single skips in the second round.
    D. Hardest part of the WOD was trying to untangle Char’s skipping rope before she finished her run!

  • Fee says:

    A: 60kg. Happy with this, but it was quite awkward to start.
    B: hopeless. Got a bunch on purple band, but they didn’t feel good.
    C: completed 4 or 5 rounds and was pretty happy with my pace. 1st round was messy and slow, then I got rhythm and it was good.

  • Ivan L says:

    A. 95kg. Pretty happy, but Tim made me be sensible and go from 90 to 95kg. I wanted to go for triple digit glory straight up. Then we ran out of time. I’m sure I’d have got it…..
    B. 3 x 8, then 28 kipping. Really happy.
    C. 3:09 then 25 DU of the 5th round.

  • Brendo says:

    A: Got to 75kg. Tried 80kg and had to dump the third one before I deposited a kidney on the floor.

    B: 3 x 6 and then 4 butterfly pullups. Not really graceful – kind of like a butterfly after it’s been swatted by a cat, but chin above the bar nonetheless.

    C: 3:20 or so then spent about 1 minute untangling my rope. Even still, got through 3 rounds + 10 burpees.

    I was going to tell everyone that it was my birthday this morning, but after seeing the amount of burpees already on the board, I thought I’d keep it quiet. I’m going to say that this was for the best, but I may revise that opinion tomorrow. I still got through the same number of burpees as my age, so I don’t think you can call that slack, right?

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Worked out with Tristan and Sam “Five-0” Bettison today. Lots of fun with these guys.

    A) 80kg for me today. Not too bad. Though the first warmup lift at 60kg initally felt like a bad idea…
    B) 10 – 8 – 8 – 8 Ring Rows for me, concentrating on pulling with the back, not the arms and making sure that the ring basically finish in my arm pits.
    C) Initially I thought this was “for time” so went a bit harder than I should have. Then just as I was finishing my first round, I noticed that Bryan had started burpees again…. Doing 50 Singles.
    So after one or two choice words, I continued. Finished 3 rounds plus 6 burpees.

  • Steve-o says:

    Damn. Today looks fun and better than the mess of doing James Newbury’s bday WOD in Adelaide (120kg deads, T2B, muscle ups and HSPU)
    Bur we did ME pull ups too amd I pb’d at 26! 😀

  • Jason says:

    A. 70kg for the three. Did a single at 80 to see what my back thought.
    B. Did 3×6 but not UB. Skipped the kipping – my hands were buggered after T2B yesterday
    C. 3:43 then 15 DU in the 5th round – my first round of DU were rubbish – I had about 5 false starts.

  • A: Worked to 90kg but I was happy with my progress getting back up to my 1rm.
    B: 2:43 for the run, cruised in behind Rosie who set the pace. 5 Rds after that. Leg cramps happened which Craig quickly remedied with a Barbell quad smash – owie.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 55kg, felt challenging but good! Failed 2nd rep on 60kg and also on 57.5kg.

    B: 3 x 6 on red band for first round, red and yellow for second and red and orange for he last. 4 kipping pull ups, but afterwards Em told me I wasn’t getting my chin over! Doh!

    C: subbed run for airdyne (went until someone I normally keep pace with on the run got back) and double unders for air squats. Legs were feeling it today 🙁 haven’t managed to train much this month so I am feeling it quickly! Got through 3 rounds and 6 burpees.

  • RACH says:

    a. 50kg. Enjoyed this.
    b. 7, zig zag play with 2nd set, 5 – strict. Then 8 with yell. band.
    c. 5 rds + 10 burpees – was happy not to get back on the rope again!

  • TessaW says:

    A: 75kgs, ran out of time after that
    B: Pull ups on orange band, working on wider grip for lats
    C: 2 and a bit rounds. Double unders better and better every day now.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    120kg &
    130kg with the help of SSC

    10,9,8,21 pull-ups
    20double unders into round 6

  • A) 90kg.
    B) 9, 6 and 5. 12 kips (shoulder was clicking so stopped).
    C) Got in from the run around 3:30+ (can only remember a 3) and got 3 rounds and 4 DUs.

  • Liv says:

    A: 65kg
    B: Worked on sets of 3 unbroken then 7 kipping
    C: 5 rounds & 2 burpees – first two rounds felt the slowest cos I kept tripping up on DU

  • Will_C says:

    Check out that handsome devil! haha
    A. Worked up to 90kgs – the pause made these very interesting indeed!!
    B. Scored 3 x 6 sets having to fight the urge to kip now which is interesting lol
    C. Didn’t mind this at all and managed 4 completed rounds and 15 DU

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