Doing CrossFit “As Prescribed” vs “For Fitness”

Monday 27.10.14

A: 15 mins to est. max load for the following complex:

  • power snatch +
  • hang snatch +
  • 2x OH squat

B – As Prescribed (RX)

For time (10 min cap):


  • box jumps @ 24/20″
  • T2B

RX Prerequisites:

  1. 5 UB T2B -> be able to do a set of a set of 5 without coming off the bar
  2. complete the 30/30 (1st) round in < 4 mins

B – For Fitness (FF)

8-10 min AMRAP:

  • 14 box jumps
  • 7 Toes 2 Bar / sit-ups

Fitness notes: 

  1. Do sit ups if you cannot do T2B (so no knee raises)
  2. box jumps are preferred (over step ups) so pick a height that matches your ability to “keep moving”

Post loads, times (or rounds) and training notes to comments.

Introducing RX & FF…

To help all our members get more out of CrossFit we’re trying something new. We’ve introduced a couple of different streams: A “For Fitness” Stream [FF] aimed at individuals looking to improve their general health and fitness and an “As Prescribed” Stream [RX] aimed at athletes chasing performance. It’s a really flexible way to ensure you’re getting ‘what you need’ out of CrossFit.

If you’d like to do the [RX] version of the WOD – there will be no scaling options and usually, one or a number of prerequisites. When I program the workouts I usually have a set time frame in mind and I usually have a set amount of work (that needs to be completed) in mind. If you can’t complete or come close to completing the programmed workout in the given timeframe, then it’s usually a case of you just need to spend more time, getting more work done and later on, down the track -> when you have the increased capacity – something to aim for…

Understanding that most people are chasing health and fitness – eg. they just want to look good and and feel great, get a sweat on and leave training with a super-happy feeling – we now have a “For Fitness” [FF] option. This stream allows people the opportunity to “get work done” for a “set amount of time” – and/more importantly “keep moving” through the workout to make sure that you’re getting the desired outcome that the program intended.

I’m definitely interested in hearing your feedback so please watch it and then post any questions and/or comments…

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Coach B

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 40, 50, failed 60, failed 60, 55, 60 successful. Pretty happy – equals my PB, but done under fatigue. It might be gilding the lilly just a bit but I’ll call that progress.
    B. 7:24 RX.

    At this early stage I think I’m a fan of the RX/FF split, although I hope I’ll mostly end up on the RX side. I have certainly had times when attempting to go RX has been quite disheartening, and I have felt a bit dispirited when the weight was too much. Or those #$*^ing double unders just weren’t happening. In my first 6-12 months I simply lacerated my arms for a few minutes in any workout with DUs. My only minor concern is that personally I like the (friendly) competition side of aiming for a target with my 6:30 colleagues alongside. It helps my motivation in a way that I find more difficult to do with an AMRAP approach.

  • Kathleen says:

    A: Success at 40kg, then form went to shit at 45kg
    B: 7:20 rx

    I think the programming options are a great opportunity to work on (and perfect) the base movements, as well as to improve your strength – before moving to more complex and strength-dependent skills. I think the longer you work on the basics to get them right, the better you’ll be in the long run. Also good to have the option to ‘just move’ and get work done 🙂

  • Craig W says:

    A. Hit 80kg for the complex, felt good all the way through.
    B. Took on the RX and completed in 5:51
    I agree with Kathleen’s comments, it’ll give you a chance to it the movements with technique but still get that hit of cardio and strength needed in a WOD.

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. did 30kgs ok, but when I attempted 35 I did something weird and hurt my thumb, so called it there.
    B. Did the AMRAP, with 16inch box jumps and sit ups. Wanted to stop at 8minutes, but decided to finish my 4th round instead, so finished at 8.50. Box jumps still get in my head.
    I like the RX/FF idea, but I also worry that I won’t progress as quickly. I like that I’ve been forced to keep attempting double unders rather than scale to singles, it pushes me more, way more than practising double unders at home etc. But other than that, so far the FF stream has been way less daunting!

    • Ben says:

      Hey Sharon,

      Part of the reason I’ve chosen to adopt this new approach is to (actually) see you progress more quickly.

      Perhaps I never really explained that when I program a workout – I usually have a set amount of work in mind (eg. all the movements that need to be completed) and a set timeframe in mind (eg. how long someone should be working for to complete all of the movements)

      If one was to spend 4/5ths of a workout getting hung up on one movement and not progress through the rest of the workout (and/or onto the next movement/round) due to a skill and/or strength deficiency – the intended outcome and preferred physical response (that I programmed for) wouldn’t be achieved – regardless of the effort involved.

      My previous approach of telling people that “double-unders” were the [only] option (eg. “suck it up buttercup”) has perhaps hindered certain individuals progress and so I thought it might be worth trying a different approach…

      To be honest, I haven’t really changed that much – we scale workouts every day. The only difference is that we’ve clearly defined what the scaling will be and placed labels on it. Perhaps we just should of called it [RX] and [Scaled]?

      • Sharon Simonsen says:

        Thanks – thinking of it as scaled helps – as nearly everything I do is scaled in some way anyway. I guess I’m just saying that the “suck it up buttercup” approach has been good in some ways, maybe we can find a mixture? like with double unders, could I still attempt them, but actually count each jump towards my single count? Like I often get single, single, double, single, single, double. Could I still do this but count that as 6 singles?

  • Becca says:

    Got to train with the 10am crew today – thanks babe!
    A. worked up to 35kg – felt good. Then went to 40kg and everything went to rubbish.
    B. went the AMRAP option, but did 24″ box jumps and made myself string the T2B together. 4 rounds + 2 T2B.

  • Fee says:

    A: 35kg got this good, but then 40Kg was a bit sloppy with the hang snatch
    B: did the AMRAP with a 24′ box (which was good fun) got to 1T2b in round 4, I think. Love T2B, unfortunately I get through them quite slowly though. I do miss Mark King and his amazing T2B as motivation….

  • Jason says:

    A. 60kg
    B. Went FF – stopped at 6 rounds in just over 8 mins then did 2 on the bike.

  • A: 65kg
    B: 6:46
    Plyos box jumps were good. T2B died towards the end.
    I like that the FF stream will allow you to get a good workout whilst also allowing you to master skills at a sub maximal rate. No-one ever learned proper technique doing heavy power snatches in a WOD. The importance of this is learning to train smart AND hard – push that conditioning with easier skills and lighter weights whilst building good neural pathways, and slowly increment yourself. Tackle an RX when you feel you can without compromising form . I am looking forward to this style of programming and where we are taking it.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    worked up 80kg.. was struggling from the hang today.

    10min AMRAP
    14 24inch box jumps


  • Liv says:

    A: Worked up to 45kg
    B: Rx – 4/10 T2B

    Did Crossfit total at open gym earlier today – BS: 102, SP: 25 (have a shoulder problem at the moment for pushing movements so didn’t go any heavier) DL: 125
    Total of 252 (+18kg on previous attempt even with dodgy shoulder press)

  • TarrynC says:

    A: worked up to 40kg, failed the first 2 attempts but got the third!

    B: AMRAP for 10min got 4 rounds and 5 T2B. Tried stringing some together, no dice! Box jump on small box.

  • Bec B says:

    A. Got to 32.5kg failed the hang snatch at 35kg.
    B. Went the AMRAP with T2B and 20″… I think I am one of the people close between the two groups! I doubt I would have finished that WOD but still would have worked hard for 10mins, and would have gotten close. Instead I gave myself the gift of stopping after 8mins (5 rounds) just because I’m not always good at pushing myself… Hopefully I’ll continue to be working out with people who know when I’m slacking and call me on it!

  • TessaW says:

    A: Got up to 52.5kg and still felt pretty comfortable.
    B: Went with the AMRAP – strug together a few sets of 3 t2b for the first time. Great to have Kettie back in the 6pm class to tell me how to do things properly 😉 Worked for 10 mins, not sure how many rounds though as I was more concentrating on my t2b technique.

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