Monday 27.10.14

A: 15 mins to est. max load for the following complex:

  • power snatch +
  • hang snatch +
  • 2x OH squat

B – As Prescribed (RX)

For time (10 min cap):


  • box jumps @ 24/20″
  • T2B

RX Prerequisites:

  1. 5 UB T2B -> be able to do a set of a set of 5 without coming off the bar
  2. complete the 30/30 (1st) round in < 4 mins

B – For Fitness (FF)

8-10 min AMRAP:

  • 14 box jumps
  • 7 Toes 2 Bar / sit-ups

Fitness notes: 

  1. Do sit ups if you cannot do T2B (so no knee raises)
  2. box jumps are preferred (over step ups) so pick a height that matches your ability to “keep moving”

Post loads, times (or rounds) and training notes to comments.

Introducing RX & FF…

To help all our members get more out of CrossFit we’re trying something new. We’ve introduced a couple of different streams: A “For Fitness” Stream [FF] aimed at individuals looking to improve their general health and fitness and an “As Prescribed” Stream [RX] aimed at athletes chasing performance. It’s a really flexible way to ensure you’re getting ‘what you need’ out of CrossFit.

If you’d like to do the [RX] version of the WOD – there will be no scaling options and usually, one or a number of prerequisites. When I program the workouts I usually have a set time frame in mind and I usually have a set amount of work (that needs to be completed) in mind. If you can’t complete or come close to completing the programmed workout in the given timeframe, then it’s usually a case of you just need to spend more time, getting more work done and later on, down the track -> when you have the increased capacity – something to aim for…

Understanding that most people are chasing health and fitness – eg. they just want to look good and and feel great, get a sweat on and leave training with a super-happy feeling – we now have a “For Fitness” [FF] option. This stream allows people the opportunity to “get work done” for a “set amount of time” – and/more importantly “keep moving” through the workout to make sure that you’re getting the desired outcome that the program intended.

I’m definitely interested in hearing your feedback so please watch it and then post any questions and/or comments…