Overhead Squat, Good Mornings and KB Snatches

Friday 17.10.14


Johnny Parr - post #fran

Johnny Parr – post #fran from a couple of months ago


  • Heavy Triple Overhead Squat
  • 3×5 Good Mornings – add 2.5/5kgs on last week


  • 5 min Max KB Snatches
  • Only one side change is permitted
  • KB must not touch the ground for the 5 min

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

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  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Worked up to 55kg. Not too bad on these, though I always find starting overhead squats hard.
    B) 50kg Good Mornings
    C) 12 Left Hand and only 8 Right hand (I let the kettlebell touch the ground) – these were at 24kg. I need to work on this skill..

  • A. Did 70kg but had to bail, shoulder is injured.
    B. 50kg
    C. Only did right arm as my left shoulder is broken.
    26 in 2.5mins and 15cals on the aerodyne for the second 2.5mins

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