Hang power snatch double and a new take on last Thursday…

Thursday 16.10.14

Tristan and Jamie Wells post Part B (of today's workout) #hardWorkBuildsCharacter

Tristan and Jamie Wells post Part B (of today’s workout) #hardWorkBuildsCharacter

A: 10 mins to establish a hang power snatch double – the only reason you should fail this is because you’re catching in a full squat (and not because you’re failing way out in front or with super wide/star fish feet…)

B: mini Dianne + mini Elizabeth + min Fran – back 2 back…

B1: 0:00-5:00 -> 11-9-7:

  • deadlifts @ 100/70kg
  • HSPU

B2 5:00-10:00 -> 11-9-7:

  • power cleans @ 60/40kg
  • ring-dips

B3: 10:00-15:00 -> 11-9-7:

  • thrusters @ 40/30kg
  • pull-ups

Scale loads appropriately to ensure you keep moving through each part of the workout.

Post loads for A and split times (or completed reps) for B1, B2 and B3

Register for Smash Clash 2014

Just a reminder that putting your name on the whiteboard isn’t enough to register for Smash Clash. You’re going to have to head over the Smash Clash website and sign up for it (via their MBO) and fill out the online waiver.

Pretty impressed with the number of #AdaptCF putting their names down and I think we can keep going an have even more than last year – #geOnIt!



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  • Bec B says:

    Ben M missed his birthday burpees today so if you see him in the gym next week and his wrist is feeling better please remind him 🙂
    A. Got 35kg working on not over extending my lower back, felt really good!
    B. DL’s at 55kg HSPU with an ab mat 4:33. Cleans at 35kg and ring dips with an orange band (thanks Kristy!) they got hard real quick failed on 6 and then 7 reps into the 9. Thrusters at 25kg (good decision!) just got the 9 pull-ups done. Wowza

  • TessaW says:

    A: 50kg
    B: Scaled HSPU’s with a plate and pullups on a band

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