Heavy Front Squat then Back Squat

Tuesday 14.10.14

Rosie 'smashing'' through WOD1 at CrossFit Smash 2013. Photo courtesy of John Parr.

Rosie ‘smashing” through WOD1 at CrossFit Smash 2013. Photo courtesy of John Parr.


  • Front Squat – 10 mins to work to a Heavy 5
  • Back Squat – 10 mins to work to a Heavy 3


  • 3 rounds
  • 10 Hang Snatch 50/35
  • 10 Burpees

Post loads, times and training notes to comments

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. Still sulking about this cold – fatiguing even after 3 reps. I’m a little vague on what I managed today – I think I got 90 on the front squats then failed at 100kg. On the back squat, succeeded at 110, failed at 120kg.
    B. 3 rounds? Yeah, right. 7 snatches into the 2nd round @50kg. I knew I wouldn’t finish so I tried to treat it as a bit of a technique session. And I was quite pleased with my technique too (with a couple of notable exceptions).
    Bloody Ewen was up the back of the class today. “When did you finish?” I asked. “Oh, I didn’t. I just took it easy and made sure I was ahead of you.” [email protected]
    And bloody Kenny, who is also still suffering from the tail end of the cold, knocked it off in just over 7 minutes.

  • David N says:

    A: 80kg*5 front squats
    B: 90kg*3 (92.5kg*2) back squats
    C: 24 snatches @ 40kg

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Finished a set at 80, got an ugly set done at 90kg. Still feel very tired from the weekend.
    B) Finished a set at 100, got a single out at 110 and knew I wouldn’t get any more. a good 12kg under my PR.
    C) Worked with only 30kg. Finished at 6 minutes. Attempted a trail snatch at 40kg and it just wasn’t going to happen today. Probably should have rested today.

  • BIt of a warm up with the final CrossFit Teams series event which was (luckily enough) more squats!!! They came back to haunt me.

    A: 75kg – working at a tempo and 1 sec pause at the bottom – rebuilding my squat with better machanics but its taking time.
    B: 95kg – similar as above
    C: 7:29. was really feeling the squats from earlier and the other snatch Teams series event from yesterday.

  • Liv says:

    Feeling a bit meh today..
    A: Hit 70kg for 5 – tried 75kg (current 3RM) but really wasn’t committed and gave in after 1 rep – didn’t go for anything more
    B: 80 or 85kg for 3 (can’t remember) – jumped to 91kg and dropped after the first rep – wasn’t really feeling the squats today after the team series workouts on Saturday.
    C: 8:10 – Finished the last couple of burpees after the buzzer
    Snatches were sets of (5,5) (4,3,3) (4,3,3)
    Failed 2 snatches in the last round because I had hit position 1 so much I was flinching! 😛

  • zacbax says:

    A. 100kg

    B. 130kg

    C. 5 snatches into the last round. Probably the best iv ever strung these together

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 70kg
    B: 80kg
    C: 6:?? with hang cleans instead of snatches because of ripped hand

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Legs have been trained a lot the past few days!!

    Trained a whole lot with Ben today.

    Front squatted up to 120kg
    Back squat to 150kg

    Finished of the 3 rounds in 4:21

  • Bec B says:

    A. 60kg?? was so excited I forgot the weight…
    B. 70kg for 3 then snuck in a new 1rm of 75kg YAY!. My last recorded 1rm was 60kg. Weight belt helping a bit I think.
    C. Started at 30kg but was just messing it up not stabilising properly and so got dropped to 25kg. 3 snatches into the last round. Win some you lose some!

  • TessaW says:

    A: 85kg
    B: 3 @ 100 and 2 @ 105
    C: Finished 6:47 RX. Enjoyed it in a sick way.

  • A) 85kg – could go heavier next time.
    B) 115kg
    C) 7:44 Rxd

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