Saturday 27.09.14


  • 1Rm Cluster


  • 21-15-9 – 8min cap
  • Thrusters 42/30
  • Pullups
  • Perform thrusters at 50% of the above if you didn’t reach 85/60
  • If you don’t have pullups its ring rows, no bands today

Post loads and times to comments

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  • Craig W says:

    Trained in the 6am class today, much respect for you lot who get up this early all the time!
    A. Partnered with Jamie and hit 90kg (PR), cleaned 100kg but brain had already decided it was way too early for triple digits!
    B. Not as good as my last Fran (3:43 which was a PR), 10 seconds over: 3:53, happy with another sub 4 min though.
    Great atmosphere in the box today even if it was bloody early for me!

  • Annie says:

    6am is really really early.
    I do believe there is a challenge on for which coach can do the most disgusting warm up. I’m too scared to pick! Sean your warm up was disgusting & you were possessed by something evil this morning.
    A. 55kg equal PB
    B. Well that escalated quickly.
    First time doing Fran RX, 7:29.
    Had an great time at the 6am you guys are awesome.

  • Loven says:

    I would have to agree with Annie re: Coach’s challenge on the most disgusting warm up ever…To the coaches “I love it keep it up” but truthfully, I’d rather set my hair on fire and beat it out with a brick than do that one again.
    A: 72kg
    B: 5:57 (37kg and ring rows)

    Love doing it in the mornings with my “Expendable” buddies 🙂

  • Elaine says:

    Oh yeah agreed Annie, Sean’s warm ups are really evolving in a special kind of way. Would rather fall head first into a bucket of my of vomit than do that one again. Just glad Coops wasn’t training at 6am, it could have been worse.
    A: 40kgs
    B: timed out, 1/15 pull ups (25kgs, pull ups mainly strict – some rubbish kipped pull ups thrown in).

  • Kylie J says:

    A. 60kg
    B: 9:37 Rx (yep after time cap). First time Rx. It’s all in the pull-ups for me but now I finally have them (yay!) it can only get better, or worse depending on your perspective……

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