The Olympic Lifting Workshops are back

As you would have seen the Snatch and Clean and Jerk Workshops are back! For those who aren’t sure what these are or think they might be too advanced then hopefully this will answer your questions…

These 1 hours workshops are designed for everyone to benefit, you’ll be taken through the drills we show you in the box but we’ll go into more detail about their uses and stay on each section for longer so you have a greater understanding of them. We’ll cover all of the lift with just the barbell to develop control and also allow you to do more, I will explain how you can make life easier with a few adjustments and you’ll leave having more information and confidence.

When you complete one of the two workshops you’ll qualify for the Level 2 which is 90 minutes of the two lifts with bumpers, so you can put what we teach you to good use using a bit more weight.

Space is still available for this Sunday so sign up now using the Workshop tab in mindbody.

Some Feedback from Previous workshops

“All good – Comprehensive, enthusiastic, delivered confidently”

“Craig’s coaching style is great for this type of workshop. His depth of technical knowledge is evident and the way he breaks the lifts into their components gives participants the knowledge to work on each part of the lift.
Craig delivers the workshop with a great balance of technical talk, simple terminology, seriousness and humour.
I very much enjoy working with Craig in this capacity and hope to be able to attend similar or more advanced workshops in the future.”

“No one can criticise Craig’s knowledge.
He pointed out a few things which I was vaguely aware of, but didn’t realise were making the lift more difficult.
The class size was about right for this sort of session. More people would’ve taken away from the experience.”

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Coach B

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