Hang Clean, Deadlifts then a little AMRAP

Monday 15.09.14

Morning crew; Mike getting out to an early lead.

Morning crew; Mike about to get out to an early lead in the WOD.


  • 2 x Hang cleans + 1 Front squat
  • Heavy set of 5 Deadlift


8min running clock:

  • 800m Run

– then in remaining time –

  • 5   x Power snatch (50/35kg)
  • 10 x Pull-ups
  • 15 x Box jumps

Post loads and reps to comments.

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Ivan L says:

    A. 80kg for the complex, 130kg dead lifts. Not great but satisfied.
    B. Run 3:28 then 2 rounds and 1 pull-up. Pipped at the post by the young upstart who got 3 pull-ups at the end. Pays to be the one behind so you can see what your opponent (read “father”) is up to.

  • Jason says:

    A. 70kg
    B. 100kg
    C. 9 Box jumps in the 2nd round.

    Nice to meet and work with Chris this morning

  • Phil B says:

    A: 70kg for the complex. Form took a while to come good at 5.30am…
    B: 1 round and 8 pull-ups, not assisted by Coops giving me burpees: He claims I cheated, I think it was a running start….

  • A. 90kg probably had more there
    B. 145kg didn’t go too hard at it
    C. 2 full rounds and 2 snatches

  • Steve-o says:

    Still sporting a nice burst blood blister from the 400m run/20 pull-up WOD last week… Grip strength isn’t my best friend.

    Got to work with mini-Lawler today, I wanna be like him when I grow up!
    A) 85kg, got under 90kg twice but twinkle toes don’t help lift.
    B) Stuck to 120kg for technique
    C) 1 box jump off 2 rounds (which I got 1 foot on and 1 foot off and decided against going again).

  • Amanda C says:

    A. 37.5kg for the complex. 80kg for the deads. Happy with this but would have liked to get more for the complex, standing up from the squats was the limiter.
    B. 5.50 for the run and timed out in the first round of ring rows. 25kg for the power snatches.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Good 10am session this morning.

    Trained with Dale, hang clean legend.

    Hit 120kg for the complex and hit a single @125kg from the hang.

    Worked to 170kg set of 5 deads

    3rds + 3 snatches

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. 45kgs. Failed 50 twice, a bit tired today.
    B.85kgs for the deadlifts
    C. Run in 5.38 (5.15 is my best) then got to one box jump. Scaled to ring rows and 16 inch box.

  • Bec B says:

    50kg for complex, got 1 hang clean at 52.5kg (new 1rm) failed the second rep twice.
    Got to 80kg for the deads but called it there for form
    Took the run pretty easy (still trying to kick a virus) last box jump in the first round was just after the buzzer.
    Awesome to work with Amelia her complex looked so solid!

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Worked with Phil B this morning.

    A) Completed at 70kg and did the first hand clean at 80kg.
    B) 120kg Deadlift set.
    C) 20 Cal bike. and a single snatch. I really struggled with the snatch this morning. I think I was exhausted and sore from the extra activity I did on the weekend and with doing Randy.

    I am feeling a little timid to be running on my knee yet. But overall it is feeling pretty strong.

  • Matt B says:

    Worked with Ben M at the 10am sesh, which had all the big dogs today!

    A) hit 90kg
    B) 120kg, which I was satisfied with after still feeling the effects of Randy in my hammies
    C) got 2 rds and a snatch

  • Amelia says:

    A. 55kg
    B. 80kg
    C. 1 round, 1 snatch (banded pull ups)

  • john parr says:

    A: 100kg

    B: 160kg

    C: 2rds 3 pull-ups

    I had fun tonight

  • Olivia says:

    Worked up to 65kg for the clean complex (6kg off my 1RM clean)
    Managed [email protected] for the deadlifts- really happy with that as I did [email protected] last Friday
    Came in from the run at 3:37 – think that’s a PB 🙂
    Finished pullups in 2nd round – butterfly were a bit hit and miss tonight with the inability to breathe!

  • KJ says:

    A: 70kgs
    B: did one at 90…something tweaked in my ribs. Rolled out.
    C: did the run in about 3.30? Got to 3 snatches in the 3rd round.
    Played next door for a few minutes…got my first butterfly pull ups!!! Now to get mor than 3 in a row….

  • Nathan says:

    A: worked up to 90kg, probably could have gone heavier with more time.
    B: previous 1RM was 160kg, finished 5 x 140kg & 4 X 160kg

    C: finished 2 rounds + 1 pull-up

    open gym: hit up some bench press with Zac and Deane, worked up to 102kg for 1 rep, failed 105kg. Pretty happy with this since I haven’t done any bench press since globo-gym days of old.

  • coops says:

    A. Solid 90kg, almost almost got 100kg
    B. 150kg
    C. 1 and a bit, yep tahni lapped me… But I beat her on the run so that’s even right?

  • TarrynC says:

    A: worked up to 55kg on the complex. Felt good!

    B: got to 85kg, called it there so form didn’t suffer.

    C: 1km row in 4:37 then finished 3 box jumps in my first round.

  • Carrie says:

    A: Still slowly increasing weight back for cleans due to shoulder issue, so only worked up to 27.5kg.
    B: 65kg. That was my heavy triple on Friday, so happy with that.
    C: Finished the run right on 3:00. Scaled to 20kg power snatches and red band for pullups (these slowed me down), and got to 4 pullups in round two.

  • zacbax says:

    A. Hit 90kg for the complex and only got 1 clean at 95. Still happy to hit a hang clean at 95 hasnt happened for a while have cleaned 100 before but not for a few months have to remind myself I was full 10kg heavier then.

    B. 140 dropped and reset for all probably need to do more deads like this as I find the first lift to be much more difficult need to work on my pulling power as opposed to stretch reflex

    C. Was around 3:15 on the run and emded up finishing 2 rounds + 1 pullup

  • Tim Manning says:

    A: 90kg
    A1: 1 PC @ 100kg = PB

    B: 5 tng @ 140kg

    C: 2rds + 5 snatch

    D: 500m row 1:38 ( thanks Dean)

  • Tom R says:

    a) 65kg. matched my 1rm clean so pretty good
    b) 110kg. That was a struggle but 5kg off the triples we did last week
    c) 5 pull-ups into the 2nd round.

  • eliza says:

    A: 45kg, could go up
    B: 70kg
    C: some running
    thanks coach sean for helping me out as always
    also thanks to coops and emma 🙂

  • TessaW says:

    A: 60kg, probably had more, but time restricted.
    B: 100kg – same as above
    C: 5 snatches in the second round.

  • First day back after 3 weeks off with the flu. Took it pretty easy the whole time.
    A) Held 60kg
    B) Held 100kg (touch and go)
    C) 1 round and 8 box jumps (step downs and 40kg)

  • Kylie J says:

    A. 70kg
    B. 105kg – grip the limiter
    C. 4 min air dyne instead of run – 25 cal + 1 rnd
    D. watched Tim and Dean go at it on the rowing machine

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