3 Pos Clean & 4RFT

Wednesday 03.09.14

The sun came out so I decided to put on some #colddripcoffee - using #RBE's latest seasonal blend. Should be ready for the #adaptcf Saturday sessions...

It’s cold drip time!


3 Position Clean

  • ground
  • hang
  • hi-hang


4 RFT (12min cap)

  • 10 x HSPU (pushups)
  • 15 x T2B (25 x situps)
  • 20 x Box jumps

Post loads and times to comments.

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Coach B

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  • Ivan L says:

    I have been viciously maligned. I’m not naming names, but someone whose name rhymes with farnee circled my time yesterday and wrote “kipped”. Bah humbug, Steve O scored me and declared it legit.
    He’s an AFPnofficer and thus a pillar of the community. Think I will tip a bucket of cold water over the offender.
    A. 80kg, but had to do the high-hang as a second attempt. 70kg as a single complex.
    B. 11:04. Really pleased. Careful pacing of HSPU to do them unbroken was the clincher.

    • Steve-o says:

      I concur with Old Man Lawler!
      His reps were actually quite good yesterday, not like a certain person whose name rhymes with Hoops (who managed a butterfly style inverted push-up).

  • A. Got to 90kg
    B. Finished the box jumps in the third round. Including strict HSPU and a pretty good size stack off the bar.

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    Concentrating on upper body workouts while my knee reapairs.
    A) Bench Press 5 x 3 – 65kg.
    B) 4 RFT – Pushups 10/Situps 25 /Kettlebell Swings 20 – 9 min:36 Secs

    Played with Sam B today as we are both dealing with similar injuries. Still a very solid workout and feeling a bit fatigued after 3 days in a row of upper body. Great fun though! πŸ˜€

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    today was tough, I had no energy at all
    A. worked with 40kgs, trying to keep good form rather than going heavy
    B. scaled to push ups, sit ups and step ups, got to 18 sit ups in the 4th round

  • Steve-o says:

    A) Full complex at 60kg, several attempts at 70kg failed hi-hang over and over.

    B) Ergh – got into HSPUs of Rd 4.
    Been doing volume gymnastics work so was happy with the progression of them today – Still got a while to go until I have the shoulder endurance that Ivan managed with all unbroken sets of HSPUs.

  • David N says:

    A: 62kg. Concentrated on moving without bending my elbows too early, getting there.

    B: 36 HSPUs. HSPUs – kipping
    Box jumps seemed slow today.
    T2B mostly sets of 5

  • charnel says:

    I enjoyed today! Coops had the best music pumping this morning haha
    A: 55kg, which is a PB by 5kg for the High Hang position. Tried 57.5kg, but failed the High Hang Position.
    B: Battled out the T2B one at a time, but they are definitely getting better. Also scaled to push ups, and got to 16 box jumps in the second round.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Worked up to 110kg for the clean complex. Don’t think the hi-hang was terribly hi.

    METCON in 6:58

    Nice 10am training session with a few units

  • Kathleen says:

    A: 60kg. Was moving well this morning.
    B: 8:09 – did the situps instead of the T2B to let my hands heal.

    Love a good 10am sesh!

  • Amanda C says:

    A. 37.5kg. Dropping under fast enough for the hi hang was the hardest. Failed the complex at 40kg.

    B. 2 rounds + 7 push ups. Scaled to small box jumps, knee push ups and sit ups. My abs were really sore for the sit ups (bush walking on the weekend???) so they were slower than usual.

  • Sam B says:

    A: As Ray said, worked on 5×3 bench press, @ 65, 65, 65, 60, 60 (started to fatigue at the end…)

    B: Subbed 24kg KB swings for box jumps, got to 7 or 8 T2B in the last round before timing out.

  • Annie says:

    A. 55kg got the clean at 60kg failed the hang clean.
    B. 11.55
    Box jumps were the tough part, very spicy in that 4th round.

  • zacbax says:

    First time training in a week been sick so very easy tonight.

    A. 80kg cycled through them all on reflex which was nice but no juice at 90 should have had it though

    B. Only 5 box jumps into my 3rd round but still the best hspu iv ever done did not push the pace though

  • Carrie says:

    Still working around a shoulder impingement…
    A: Physio yesterday said not to attempt cleans for the next week so worked up to a 65kg triple deadlift (new 3RM).
    B: Scaled to pushups with hands on a box (physio’s orders) and situps. Finished in 11:24.

  • Leanne says:

    Full complex at 35kg, failed the high hang at 40kg (I totally could have got it if I grunted)😳
    *lots of grunting tonight!!!

    Think I finished at 20 sit-ups in 3rd round… Sit-ups were the hardest and made me realise I have neglected my core lately and is evident in some of my lifts as well

    Worked with new girl, Emma

  • TessaW says:

    A: Complex at 62.5kg. Feel like I had a little more to give, but ran out of time and have only just started back on full depth squats so probably better to not go to fail.
    B: Enjoyed this, despite being very slow at it. Like to work on these skills. T2B all in singles still and a few stacks off the wall. Got to 7(?) T2B in the second round.

  • Bec B says:

    A. 50kg for the complex, my trouble is more in standing it up than getting under… Need to do more squat volume πŸ™
    B. 11 T2B in the 3rd round. HSPU just with an ab mat. T2B were slow but I agree with Annie I think the box jumps smoked me!

  • Olivia says:

    A: 60kg for all 3 positions; 65kg for ground and hang. PB for both.
    Hard to hold on for the hi hang. Pretty happy with that as my 1RM is only 5kg more.
    Thanks Annie for the push πŸ˜‰
    B: Finished 3 rounds with 15 sec left on the clock. Spent a while trying to find a free bar for T2B in the first round. Hands were tender but managed to hold on for some sets of 5. HSPU were better than last week but still needs some work on volume.

  • Kylie J says:

    A. 65kg. Really happy with my position 1 here. Need to do some drills for 3 to 2.

    B. 3rnds, 8HSPU’s. Scaled to situps to protect hands and box step ups to protect achilles.

  • DJ says:

    A: 72kg. Wasn’t nailing the hi-hang tonight.
    B: 5 T2P in the 4th round. HSPU were no problem – T2B slowly getting better. box jumps – well I don’t like them yet.

  • RACH says:

    A: 55kg
    B: 17 box jumps in 3rd Rd. Rx, with Strict HSPUs.

  • KJ says:

    A: 65kg. Was aiming for 70kg- but we had 3 on the bar and ran out of time. I should have backed myself and started a bit heavier.
    B: 10.17
    Need to work on my toes to bar – (stringing them together) I get them for a couple – and then forget how to do it again! This slowed me down as I was double swinging most of them. Was really sore and tired tonight, but I always feel better after I’ve trained.

  • eliza says:

    a – 35kg taking it easy, felt good
    B – not so great.
    Thanks coach sean for looking after me as always and on to the next thing πŸ™‚

  • Amelia says:

    A. 52.5
    B. 2 rounds + 6 t2b (15 instead of 10 push ups as no ab mats were available and my HSPU need some work) felt slow today

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