pause snatch complex, pull-ups and a “Chief-esque” partner WOD

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Monday 1.9.14

#effortearnsrespect and gets you a new PB... Jase took 5 attempts before he finally nailed this 100kg clean & jerk in this mornings session #adaptCF #olylifting #crossfit #pb

#effortearnsrespect and gets you a new PB… Jase took 5 attempts before he finally nailed this 100kg clean & jerk on Saturday #adaptCF #olylifting #crossfit #pb

A: pause snatch (3 sec pause @ knee) + hang snatch (no pause) + OH squat

B: 3x 10 strict pull-ups; then 1x ME set of kipping pull-ups (scale to ring rows -> if scaled: add 4th set of 10 strict)

C: 12 min partner “Chief-esque” AMRAP:

  • P1: 2x 3 power cleans @ 60/40kg / 6 push-ups / 9 air squats
  • P2: rest while P1 works; the vice-versa

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments.

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  • Ivan L says:

    Q. How is OzTag like drinking? A. Feels good at the time but you pay for it the next day. I think I have a leg hangover.

    A. 57kg.refer to the above.
    B. 24 kipped. Then 20 burpees because of some silly trash-talk with Coop. 5 burpees for every rep he did more than me. And I wasn’t even trash-talking. Thanks Ben.
    C. Worked with Jason. Didn’t track it too closely but I think we got to 1 clean into the 20th round. I was exhausted.

  • Jason says:

    A. 57kg. Tried 62 quickly at the end but missed the hang snatch – just rushed it.
    B. 12 Kipping for me. Pretty happy with that.
    C. Always enjoy teaming up with Ivan – 1 clean in the 19th i think. Started stringing the cleans together as I went so happy with that.

  • Jamiew says:

    A: stopped @ 60kg & then did about 4-5 lots at that weight
    B: 12 kipped
    C: with Dave P 22 rounds + 2 PC

  • A. 60kg. Did 70kg bust missed the hang snatch. Not moving well today.
    B. 20 kipped.
    C. Worked with Luke today. We did about 20 rounds I believe. Looking forward to trying chief again.

  • A : 60 was good, missed 70 hang Sn.
    B: Butterflies still coming along – 10ish?
    C: Worked with Garreth and got 16rds and 2 Squats.

  • Betty says:

    A: 30kgs
    B: Did ring rows 10, 8 then 7
    C: Partnered with Jen and we got to 11 Rounds and 1 Push Up

    Fun to have you back Jen 😉

  • Elaine says:

    Worked with Anne this morning
    A: 32.5kgs. A weak point in my lifts is moving from position 3 to 2 (hips go up slightly early) so no suprise that I had to adjust my lifts a couple of times to get the tension right in the pause.
    B: Did ring rows with a 16 inch box, quiet hard getting 10 rows out.
    C. Anne got to the 11th round and just finished the sit ups.

  • DJ says:

    Joined the 10am crew today..

    A: 50kg – not my best but was good for today.
    B: 13 kipped.
    C: 20rnds + 7 sq.
    Worked with Michael who is new and he did great. Didn’t miss a beat. Michael had 40kg on the bar, I had 60kh.

  • Steve-o says:

    Ouch. After Saturdays 4 WODs today was a bit hard to move in open gym… lots of mobility work to get going again!

    A) restricting weight to really nail each bit of technique. Stayed at 40kg today.

    B) sucky. 18 butterflies, after struggling to get 5 in open gym.

    C) partnered with Nick, welcome to Adapt… here’s the Chief! We got 18 rds total right on the buzzer!

  • coops says:

    A. Just stuck to 50kg
    B. 28
    C. No idea – I was in survival mode by the end. Bloody Ewy.

  • KJ says:

    A: snatch complex at 50kg
    B: 11 kipping pu. (Felt a bit spewy – so called it there)
    C: LOVE The Cheif! Worked with Amelia – who did an awesome job. First time we have worked together. We got 21 rounds (she took off her shoes – thinking we wouldn’t squeeze in another round – and then had to put them back on with a minute to go! Haha) great work Amelia.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: worked up to 40kg, failed first attempt, got the second (just)! thanks Alli for telling me to try again!

    B: 3 x 10 ring rows. Tried off a box and couldn’t get even 2 out…need to work on my strength here out of session. Got the gear at home (bands) so need to get on it. Then managed 2 kipping, but fell short on the 3rd cause I got out of sync.

    C: worked with Alli! Loved this one, funny enough the squats sucked the most today (normally the easy part for me). We got 12 rounds plus 3 cleans.

  • Annie says:

    A. 35kg failed 40kg.
    B.20 kipping, my grip was failing me today. Pretty sore hands after 60 C2B on the weekend.
    C. Worked with Nay today, I think we got almost 13 rounds.

  • Carrie says:

    A: 22.5kg. Need to work on maintaining depth as I increase the weight.
    B: 4 x 10 ring rows. Stepped my feet back a little each set but these felt good.
    C: Worked with Karen, did 10 rounds + 3 squats with 25kg cleans. Last time I did cleans they aggravated my bad shoulder but today working with a lighter weight and focusing on controlling the bar back down to the ground my shoulder felt okay. Karen and I are both getting better at pushups 🙂

  • Bec B says:

    A. 32.5kg.
    B. Ring rows tried to make them harder by stepping through – tough toward the end of the 10’s. Then 7 kipping pu’s, grip failed first.
    C. Worked with Bec M. 15 rds + 3 squats @ 35kg. My push-up’s were slowww. Bec’s rocked my world!

  • eliza says:

    pause snatch thing – 30kg, hands sore after the warm up 🙂
    b – practiced double unders – still suck
    c – Worked with Bronster, awesome as always! We did 13 rounds and 3 clean
    thanks coach bec and james
    a fun positive session for me

  • Tom R says:

    A) 45 with the complex. Nailed a 51kg with a slight pause for a new 1RM
    B) 15 pullups before relegated to ring rows. Gave up on kipping pulling. Still healing from ripping on the tabata pullups on Sat.
    C) Man o man. Working with Ben M is such a blast. Was planning on scaling to 50kgs to do TnG, but stuck with Rx. Stringing them together for the 1st set wasn’t too bad but suffered on the second. Managed to get 19 rounds out between the two of us.

  • Amelia says:

    A. 37kg
    B. 2 sets of 10 pull ups, couldnt get over the bar so dropped to 1 set of 10 ring rows, 6 kipping
    C. 21 rounds with KJ

  • Gabriel says:

    A: 55kg, so close to 60 but couldn’t quite stand it up on the hang snatch
    B: Struggled a bit with the strict pull-ups, only 8-6-6 but happy with kipped, got 20 out
    C: Worked with Hudson, 20 rounds + 3 squats, enjoyed this one

  • TessaW says:

    A: 45kg ok, failed 47 about 4 times.
    B: 4 x 10 ring rows
    C: Worked with Kettie and we got 1 pc into the 20th round.

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