Put together another #adaptcf newsletter yesterday arvo – it is awesome – read it now!

Ben, Tommy and Craig at the Tommy Hackenbruck Seminar over the weekend.

Ben, Tommy and Craig w/ Tommy Hackenbruck (6th place at this years’ CF Games) at the end of last year 🙂

I’m sorry if you rocked up ready for a NPGL style workout today – I was going to run one but then the CF Team Series happened. That and I’ve been a little under the weather for the 2nd half of this week. So I decided to run max snatch and max clean and jerk and damn, I’m so glad I did. The 6am session was a cracker and Mark King hit a C&J @ 82.5 (BW: 63 – he might be lighter tho) and Dave P hit 90 (pr), then 95(pr) snatch. I didn’t see it but I heard that Sean managed 105 so I’m definitely gonna have to pull my finger out…

A: 20 mins to establish max Snatch

B:  20 mins to establish max clean and jerk

C: “Hudson’s Choice” – Hudson (KJ’s other half) was the first guy in the gym this morning so I asked him what he wanted to work on – he said “pull-ups…” so we did:

  • Tabata pull-ups

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments.