We were going to run a team workout but…

Put together another #adaptcf newsletter yesterday arvo – it is awesome – read it now!

Ben, Tommy and Craig at the Tommy Hackenbruck Seminar over the weekend.

Ben, Tommy and Craig w/ Tommy Hackenbruck (6th place at this years’ CF Games) at the end of last year 🙂

I’m sorry if you rocked up ready for a NPGL style workout today – I was going to run one but then the CF Team Series happened. That and I’ve been a little under the weather for the 2nd half of this week. So I decided to run max snatch and max clean and jerk and damn, I’m so glad I did. The 6am session was a cracker and Mark King hit a C&J @ 82.5 (BW: 63 – he might be lighter tho) and Dave P hit 90 (pr), then 95(pr) snatch. I didn’t see it but I heard that Sean managed 105 so I’m definitely gonna have to pull my finger out…

A: 20 mins to establish max Snatch

B:  20 mins to establish max clean and jerk

C: “Hudson’s Choice” – Hudson (KJ’s other half) was the first guy in the gym this morning so I asked him what he wanted to work on – he said “pull-ups…” so we did:

  • Tabata pull-ups

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments.

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  • Tom R says:

    A) 50kg (PR!)
    B) didn’t feel the love I’m this one. Managed only 62.5. Failed twice on 67.5 going for a new pr.
    C) 5. Had to stop after round 7 due to tearing

  • TarrynC says:

    Love 1rm day! Pity I didn’t get any PRs today so left pretty disappointed.

    A: got 45kg fine, failed 48 at least 4 times. kept getting under it but wasn’t locking out my arms, not sure why. Started off bad failing 35kg 3 times so I think it stuck in my head. Current 1rm is 47.5kg, was hoping to crack 50kg today, maybe next time.

    B: struggled with the jerk today, but I managed to get 55kg and the jerk felt good (finally). Attempted 57.5kg, got the clean, failed the jerk. Current 1rm is 56kg (for both).

    C: first time doing this and I was able to do kipping, pretty happy with that. Strung 3 together in my first round which is a PB! Got 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3 (failed 4th), 4 & 4. Pretty happy with this one, glad I could finish on a high!

  • Ivan L says:

    I didn’t mind the change of plans at all. Seems sensible with all the things going on this morning.
    No new PRs for me but I had a stab and came away with the feeling that they’re coming sooner or later.
    A. 60kg OK. Couple of fails at 70, but close than I would have been only a couple of weeks ago.
    B. 80kg. After last few days had trouble just standing this up. Failed 90kg twice then rested a few minutes and got very close on the clean. Maybe when my quads are cooperating
    And yes, bloody Ewe-know-who has gotten both a 70kg snatch and power cleaned 95.
    C. 8 each round, but gee I was tired at the end.
    Enjoyed watching the teams going at it this morning.

  • Mark says:

    A: 52kg PR – watch out Amanda!
    B: As Ben said, another PR here.
    C: Started with 8 butterfly pull-ups, then totally lost the rhythm and went to kipping, hitting 8’s and 7’s. Last round was 5 – smoked. Thanks Huddo!

  • Bec B says:

    Really happy it was 1rm day. Love love love the team stuff but have been sick this week so wasn’t looking forward to cardio after last night.
    Snatched 35 pretty comfortably (36 current 1rm) and failed 37.5 a couple of times. Close, I think it was just in my head.
    51 previous 1rm C&J. Got 52.5 yay! Tarryn said my face went pretty red when I stood this up in slow motion. Jerk was fine.
    I need to work on pull ups so glad this was in. Orange band (saving hands) and struggled quite quickly 5,4,3,2,2,2,2,2. Think I have lost some strength here from coming off the strict and doing more kipping.

  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    I was disappointed to come to a Saturday again and still miss the team fun, but in the end who can complain about getting such a solid time on two lifts!
    A. 37kgs. Thought it was a new pr but was actually equal.
    B. Only managed 50kgs. Pr is 52. But got some great tips from coach Becca. Always awesome to be in her session as its so rare for me.
    C. 7 ring rows each round.

  • coops says:

    Still getting back into it after holidays and a few niggles, unsurprisingly:
    A) 60kg
    B) 80kg
    C) min 5

  • Jamiew says:

    A: 70kg (current PB = 75kg) missed 80kg a few times
    B: 100kg – missed 110kg 2 times
    While dissapointed not to get a PB I was very satisfied with movement & form
    C: Started on 8 finished on 6 – Thanks again Hudson

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