Thursday 28.8.14

A: 15 mins to establish heavy triple power clean (each rep can be dropped – as long as you’re back on the bar within 5 secs)

Coaches Notes

When it comes to power cleans 2 things are clear: 1. Girls are [stronger] than they think they are and 2. Guys [think] they have better technique than they actually do.

When going for a max power clean guys generally tend to “grip and rip it (that shit)” from the floor. They come at the barbell with a “HULK SMASH!” attitude and miss all the key positions of the lift. It may get the job done while the weight is light but it doesn’t translate when things get heavy.  Guys: Practice perfect technique while it’s light and then move more efficiently (better positions and faster) when it gets heavy. Yes your strength is important but it needs to be combined with efficient technique to ensure that truly maximal loads are moved. If you want to lift more “Be an Assassin – be deliberate and precise – become a barbell ninja…”

Girls on the other hand care so much about technique that they fail to give it enough “juice”. I see girls failing lifts that were either pulled too slowly from the floor or because they were too slow receiving the barbell into the front rack position (grinding out their wrists as they wind their elbows forward slowly). When it comes to the barbell girls need to be faster (getting into the catch position). They need to be more aggressive (pulling from the floor). Girls: You’re positions are already great so it’s time to start backing yourself (because you’re stronger than you think you are) and employing a little “grip and rip” to finish the lift. “The barbell is not your friend (and it wants you to fail) It’s time to treat it as such – you gotta treat it mean…”

B: 3x ME Touch-n-Go power cleans @ 80% of A

C: For total time:

  • 17 lateral bar burpees
  • // rest 1 min
  • 17 lateral bar burpees

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

CrossFit Team Series (Event 1,2 and 3): Plans for the weekend…

OK, so while I haven’t worked out a super complete plan – here’s what I’ve got: There are 3 workouts:

  1. the double-under/snatch WOD,
  2. the thrusters and pull-up WOD; and
  3. the 3RM front squat.

These workouts will need to be completed over the course of the coming weekend – more specifically from:

  • Friday evening between 4 and 7pm.
  • Saturday morning between 6 and 11am; and then
  • Saturday arvo between the hours of 2 and 5pm.

If you’ve registered yourself in a team, talk to your team members and organise a time to come in to complete the workouts. Talk to other teams to find out when they’ll be completing the WODs so you’ll have someone to count your reps. If you’ve got a GoPro bring it in so we can record some sessions to keep it legit.

If you’ve got any questions and/or comments hit us up when you’re in the gym or post them to comments

Keeping up to date with Adapt CrossFit via Facebook

Just about everyone’s on Facebook. We have an [Adapt CrossFit] business page and we use it to communicate with all our members.

As Facebook continues to change the way things work, liking our page isn’t enough to ensure we come up in your feed. In this video I’ll show you what else needs to be done to ensure you’re up to date with all the latest news and goings-on at Adapt 🙂

Step 1. Find [Adapt CrossFit]
Step 2. [Like] our page.
Step 3. Check [Get notifications] (just below the [LIKE] button)

From what I can tell you can’t do this from a smartphone (at least I wasn’t able to do it from my iPhone) so log into Facebook on a desktop computer and do it from there…