Push Jerk, Back Squats, Pullups and Box Jumps

Tuesday 12.08.14

Kettie with a pretty impressive sumo high pull, smashing out reps  during 8.30am 'Fight Gone Bad' #adaptcf #crossfit #fightgonebad #sumohighpull #rx

Kettie with some SDHP in Fight Gone Bad a couple months ago


  • Push Jerk – Heavy Double
  • Back Squat – 5×3 @ 85%


  • For time
  • 21-15-9
  • Pullups
  • Box jumps 24/20

Post loads, times and training notes to comments

Weightlifting ACT comp this weekend, come and support some of the Adapt crew having a crack starting from 10am @ The X

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  • Sharon Simonsen says:

    A. 50kgs
    B. 60kgs
    C. 7.25 scaled to ring rows and 16 inch box jumps

  • Ivan L says:

    Chuffed today. Good company with Tim and Mark and the crusty old body seemed to work today.
    A. Double at 80kg and a dirty single at 90. Both PBs.
    B. 100, 2×105, 2×110. Another PB there.
    C. 3:36. My kipping mojo came back for a special guest appearance after a longish absence. All pull ups unbroken.

  • Jason says:

    Technique work for me today.
    A. 65kg
    B. 75kg
    C. 4:57 – happy to get under that 5 min mark

  • Kathleen says:

    a) 55kg – ran out of time to go heavier.
    b) 4×3 @72kg (85%) – ran out of time for the last set. I was really surprised at how good my legs felt today considering all the front squats we did yesterday!

    3:24 rx. Butterflies worked well today for the most part, and box jumps were good until my hair came out and blinded me πŸ˜›

  • A. 39.5kgs
    B: 55kgs
    C: 5:30 with Ring Rows.
    Fun time this morning πŸ™‚ I am sure my pants helped!

  • A. 90kg
    B. 100,110,115,120,125kg
    C. 5:11 maybe? Not sure
    Felt sluggish today, weekend caught up with me!

  • Olivia says:

    My legs are really crippled after last Fridays session (especially my quads) – DOMS set in quickly on Saturday and worse on Sunday – I probably didn’t help the situation by doing the 14km City 2 Surf run on Sunday as by Monday (yesterday) I could barely move and decided that the snatches, OHS and front squats would be a bad idea. I’ve been wearing skins since Sunday evening after I had a hot bath. Still a bit tender today so took it handy.

    Push Jerk: 50kg for a double, 1 rep @ 55 and dropped the second behind me as I felt my back arch. Didn’t try it again as I didn’t feel up to it today.
    Back Squats: 4 sets @ 77kg – started to feel my form going so called it there.

    Conditioning: 6:28 Rx.
    Was really pleased to finish in the time cap as I can’t string lots of pullups together. Sets of 3 to start, then doubles then quick singles to cycle through quicker.

  • James says:

    A: 85kg, caught the bar funny and called it after that.
    B: 110 all sets – after 70% FS yesterday ow?
    C: 6:03 slightly modified for my poor mitts to strict – also trying to build a bit more pull-up strength.
    Extra Strength work;
    B2: 3×5 Deadlift @ 130kg
    B3: ME Deadlift @ 100kg, 17 reps

  • TessaW says:

    A: 50kg ok, 55kg for one.
    B: Box squats for me at 90kg.
    C: Scaled to ring rows and step-ups on a 16inch box. Finished 6:something.

  • Tom R says:

    A) 55kgs. Ran out of time
    B) 77.5kgs
    C) 5.53. I hate it when I end up ripping my palm

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Managed to rebound 100kg so that was good.

    145kg for the squats

    2:37 METCON

  • john parr says:

    A: worked to 85kg, attempted 90kg, got one, but didn’t catch it on the way back down

    B: maintained 125kg across all sets

    C: did 3:13 RX

  • Bec B says:

    A. 45kg, one @ 50kg but didn’t feel good to re-rack it, 1rm though πŸ™‚
    B. Probably should have gone a bit more than 50kg (haven’t re-tested my 1rm for a while) apparently they looked “pretty” haha
    C. 6:24 pull ups are getting stronger but I think my grip is letting me down a little.

  • Amelia says:

    A. 50kg, failed 55
    B. 65kg
    C. 7.21 – bad day in the box. tired quickly and short of breath

  • Ben M says:

    A) 77kg, tried 80kg twice, get it up ok but no dropping under.
    B) sets at 100kg
    C) did ring push ups and some sort of elevated row Ben set up for me. Finished in about 6 minutes.

  • zacbax says:

    A. 80kg pretty ugly but still a pb i spose haha

    B. 120kg all sets would like to have worked the weight up a bit more but rushed to get all 5 sets in

    C. 4:42 had no butterflies for the 1st set but they came back in the set 15

  • Nathan says:

    A: worked up to 85kg, it was a bit ugly so need to work on better dip/ drive tech.

    B: 120, 110, 110, 115, 115…first set was meant to be 110 but loaded wrong, I felt super weak thinking it was 110 πŸ™‚

    C: 4:06 rx

  • Tim Manning says:

    A: 90kg

    B: 1 x 100 1 x 110kg 3 x 120kg then ran out of time.

    C: 3:04… even with Annie’s encouragement I couldn’t crash the bus well enough.

  • Sam B says:

    A: 65kg, failed twice at 70kg.

    B: 2 sets @ 95kg, dropped back to 90kg for remaining 3 sets to get on top of some poor form (I’m nursing a cranky right knee…)

    C: 6:05.

  • A) 85kg
    B) 115kg
    C) 5:18

  • TarrynC says:

    A: these felt really solid tonight, normally a pretty weak movement for me technique wise (along with split jerk, tend to press out at the top) got the double @ 50kg today which I am stoked with cause 50kg was a big struggle when I set it last month.

    B: ouch! So sore after yesterday, so these were a struggle. Did 5×3 @ 65kg.

    C: 6:42 on ring rows. Made sure they weren’t easy and kept them super strict. Mostly sets of 3 but down to singles in the last round. Need to re learn how to be a ninja on box jumps.

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