Wednesday 6.8.14

A: 3 position clean (floor, knee, power pos/hi hang) + 1 push jerk.

Coaches notes: Cycling barbell movements

Part of the focus of our current cycle is to start seeing you guys move with more efficiency under a barbell. Over the coming weeks you can expect more instruction on how to cycle (string together unbroken reps of) various barbell movements. Today, if you’re moving well, I’d like to see if you can string together each part of the complex utilising stretch-reflex – specifically targeting the hamstrings (eg. you need to feel the tension of the stretch, then go)

Video Demo: Cycling this morning’s clean complex. Instead of pausing at each position try to use stretch-reflex to bounce out of each position. After the final clean from the hi hang (power position) try and bounce out of the catch (front rack) straight into a speedy push jerk…

B: Partner workout

10 min AMRAP (P1 goes while P2 rests, then vice-versa):

  • 10 pistols – scaling: partner assisted
  • 10 T2B
    — rounds shouldn’t take more than 90 secs – if it does, swap out at 90 secs.


5 min AMRAP (P1 goes while P2 rests, then vice-versa):

  • ME power clean and jerks @ 60/40kg

You’ll notice that P2 doesn’t have to do any static holds today so it’s really important that you guys [talk] to each – to maximise your transitions off and on the barbell and for appropriate work/rest ratio.

Post training notes, loads, rounds and reps to comments (I’d also love to know what you guys thought of today’s session?)