A new cycle

A new cycle

So we start a new cycle today. Over the next 6 weeks expect to see more snatch complexes, deadlifts and a new twist on our standard [twice a week] back and front squats. We’ll also be focusing on drilling the power versions of the Oly lifts (power snatch and power clean) as well as look at ways to develop better technique in cycling these movements unbroken. We’ll continue to train bodyweight based high skill movements like HSPU, muscle-ups and pistols as well as run some technique based classes for progressing your pull-ups.


Each session builds on the previous session so if you’re consistent with your training you can expect to see some PRs when we test towards the end of the cycle. If you only rock up once or twice a week, well I wouldn’t expect much. I know it sounds cliche but abs are made in Winter (while everyone else is sleeping in). Don’t be that guy (or girl) who hits the snooze button because it’s too cold outside – yeah it’s cold but you’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. When you sleep in a 14 year old is warming up with your 1RM #justSayin

NPGL and Benchmark Saturdays

Each weekend we’ll be running a benchmark or a team based session(every second week). Based on the popularity of our previous NPGL style sessions, it’s something that we’ve decided to stick with on as there a number of upcoming local comps for both individual and teams. This weekend coming we’ll be running a massive NPGL style WOD with teams of 10 (instead of smaller teams of 4) which means we’ll be throwing in some extra movements like rope climbs, split snatches and muscle-ups – if you don’t have them, I’m sure one of your teams members will. If you do have them, then it might be worth your while to practice them after a regular session.

If you have any questions regarding the next 6 weeks please don’t hesitate to hit me up next time you’re in the gym or post them to comments.

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  • Ivan L says:

    “When you sleep in a 14 year old is warming up with your 1RM #justSayin”
    Well in my case, it’s now a 15 year old who sleeps in while I do my 1RM, only to stroll in later in the day and smash my 1RM into small pieces. And yet I still get out of bed each morning….

  • eliza says:

    Fun fun, like the team workouts and looking forward to the coaches being part of those teams?!

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