Move A Ton

Saturday 02.08.14

Today’s workout is ‘Move A Ton’

Move a Ton board

Move: 1,000kg (guys) / 600kg (girls) in each of the following movements –

  • Snatch (any type – from the floor)
  • Clean & Jerk (any type – from the floor)
  • Back Squat (take the bar from the floor)
  • Deadlift

You decide what weight to lift for each BUT you must increase the weight for each by a minimum of:

  • 10kg for guys
  • 5kg for girls
  • Athletes must also change their own bars

It’s a fast workout today aimed at keeping your technique perfect and fluid through a variety of movements

Post your thoughts and times (see the board above if you’ve forgotten) to comments


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  • Ivan L says:

    Thought this would take a greater toll on me. Glad it didn’t – recovered quickly for a change. 9:30. Went 40, 50, 60 and 80. I realised watching Faran that swapping to 100kg for dead lifts would take longer than the extra 3 reps at 80kg. Good fun once the cleans were over.

  • john parr says:

    I enjoyed it
    I went 40kg for the snatches, 50kg for the clean and jerks, 60kg for the back squats, and 100kg for the dead lifts.
    And knocked it over in 9:05

  • TarrynC says:

    This was fun! Went second so had a chance to assess the weight I used….ended up going lighter. Still struggled more than I expected though! Happy I finished, kind of wasn’t expecting to….finished in 10:28

    Snatch – 20 reps @ 30kg
    C&J – 18 reps @ 35kg
    BS – 15 reps @ 40kg
    Deadlift – 8 reps @ 75kg

  • Amanda C says:

    Was lots of fun and harder than I expected. Timed out at 1.8 Tonnes 😉 Finished after the back squats. I think the rep range was good for me, just need to take less rest.

  • Elaine says:

    I’m really enjoying the WODs at the moment and love the difference on offer on Saturdays. This WOD was great fun.
    Snatch @ 25kgs
    C&J @ 30kgs
    BS @ 35kgs
    Deadlifts @ 50kgs
    Timed out but kept going 12:06

  • Dave P says:

    Awesome workout and look forward to doing this again but hopefully I won’t be sick leading up to it. Finished in 9:22

  • charnel says:

    Great to do something different – I liked it! 🙂

    Finished in 9.29

    Worked at:

    Snatch – 25kg for 24 reps
    Clean – 40kg for 15 reps
    Backsquat – 50kg for 12 reps
    Deadlift – 65kg for 9 reps

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