PMM AdaptCF Podcast #2 – CrossFit Games wrap up and Competitor Programming

I’ve been sitting down with Ryan Hinz (of PMM) on a weekly basis and putting together a podcast (video and audio) where we chat about a variety of topics related to CrossFit, training and life. On Monday 28.7.14 we were joined by Craig [CWPT] Woolham and James [The Unicorn] Petroni to chat about this year’s 2014 CrossFit Games results as well as making the most of Open Gym at Adapt via Competitor based programming (Invictus and Outlaw)and what we’re looking for if you’re keen to get involved…

PMM AdaptCF Chat #2 

If you’ve got any questions related to any of the topics we covered – add them to comments and we’ll do our best to answer them 🙂


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