Thursday 31.7.14

Sorry @ewen.lawler - Deano just pipped you with a 1480mm #whiteMenCanJump #adaptcf

Sorry Ewen – Deano just pipped you with a 1480mm #whiteMenCanJump #yesterday

A: 15 mins to establish heavy snatch triple – can reset after each rep (just make sure you’re back on the bar within 5 sec)

We snatch all the time but it’s been a while since we hit power snatches. Today I’d really like you to focus on achieving full lockout in the catch position. I’d even encourage you to pause in the catch (2 sec) and then stand up. Be generous with this position – catch with your hip crease slightly above your knee (but not full depth like normal) As always: Leave your ego at the door and only progress loads if your form is flawless and your lifts feels awesome.

B: strength

  • If you do Karen yesterday – 10 mins to work up to a heavy double front squat
  • If you do Karen yesterday – 10 mins to work up to a heavy double deadlift

C: Deadlift/Burpee WOD

5 rounds for time (4 min cap – used to be a 5 min cap but we ran out of time today)

  • 5 deadlifts @ 60% of 1RM -> prescribed: 125/85kg (only if your 1RM is bigger than 160/100kg)
  • 10 burpees

This. Is. A. Crash-the-bus. Workout. Deadlift should be done touch n’ go (hence the 60% of 1RM) It’s all about speed yeah. The only standards for burpees today is that your chest must be on the ground (@ the bottom) and your feet must be off the ground (jump @ the top of the movement) – Expect things to get spicy around the third set of burpees – but you’ve got to keep on pushing.

Times to beat (the whiteboard) 2:32 (M: Sash Tank) and 3:41 (F: Kenny Lawler) if you’re ‘feeling it’ today…

Compare DL/burpee WOD to 25.1.14

post loads, times (or completed rounds and reps) to comments.