An exciting new [massage] partnership with Craig Woolham

Adapt Crossfit pleased to announce that it now offers massage therapy along with it’s other services. Coach Craig is currently completing his Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the Canberra Institute of Technology and along with his personal training and other fitness qualifications is able to offer a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. If your training is currently suffering due to an injury or lack of mobility then massage therapy might benefit you to continue your progression in the gym, chosen sport or everyday life.

What is included in the treatment?
A postural analysis, range of motion check, treatment and homecare advice. Depending on duration of treatment chosen, this may vary due to time constraints.

What does a postural analysis entail and why is this required?
Craig will not only check overall posture but will also look for symmetry or issues by comparing body landmarks, this will enable a more accurate measurement of the success of treatment as well as look for present or future problems.

What type of massage will you receive?
Craig is trained in relaxation massage and can also perform certain remedial massage depending on what is required.

What are the costs of treatment?
A full hour is $60, 45 minutes: $50 and 30 minutes: $40.

Do I need to be an athlete or member of Adapt Crossfit?
No, anyone is able to benefit from the treatment offered by Adapt and it’s therapists.

Some Feedback from Craig’s clients

Q. How did you feel immediately after treatment?
A. Very relaxed and a lot more mobile.
A. Like I needed a snooze pronto. Warm, floppy and a whole lot awesome.
A. I was able to move much more freely – felt great!
A. Pretty Amazing!

Q. Was the treatment explained in full?
A. Yes – best explanation I’ve received from a massage therapist.
A. Yes – communication throughout the treatment was excellent. Craig explained what he was doing and why he was doing it.
A. It sure was, even with a visual model on the iPad!

Q. Do you have any other comments regarding the treatment?
A. The massage was incredibly helpful and has provided good results to date. The back and neck massage relived a lot of tension post massage.
A. Very professional and thorough.
A. It was great to get some insight into my mobility and posture. I really liked the interactive model that Craig presented on the tablet, which he used to show me where all the muscles he would focus on are.
A. I’m so happy that I can have massages with you, the fact that you know Crossfit, you coach Crossfit therefore you know how I already move etc, and you know my Chiro. I look forward to the next appointment.

Q. Do you have any other comments regarding the treatment?
A. I really appreciated the postural assessment and also left feeling positive. that there is a lot I can do to improve my flexibility and reach my training goals.
A. It was great to get some insight into my posture and mobility and to discuss particular issues regarding my training and why they be occurring.

Q. Would you recommend to friends/family?
A. Yes, I would recommend Craig to anyone.
A. Yes, absolutely, particularly those who are training at Adapt.
A. I would definitely recommend Craig to others especially fellow CrossFitters as his knowledge of what is required from your body when training is spot on and the massage is more beneficial then going for a traditional massage.


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