Wednesday 30.7.14

Karen - oh yes... #adaptcf

Karen – oh yes… #adaptcf

A: 10 mins to establish a ME box jump (height)

B: ‘Karen’

150 walls for time.

Post box jump results (height) and times (or reps completed) to comments.

Compare to 17.8.13 – yep it’s really been that long…

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  • Ivan L says:

    A. 105.5. Now, I hope the afternoon classes can do me a favour. That annoying teenager will be in this afternoon, around 4:00pm. I’d appreciate if someone would keep him away from the box and/or add another 20cm to my height on the board. I can’t handle the gloating to come.
    B. Karen – well so far my time with the original is 29 years. With the imposter it’s now 11:53. Never seen so many people hit the deck after a workout. My legs are still a bit shaky. Very much appreciated the consistent advice from time on reps/time remaining. Helped me to find a pace that I’m sure I’d otherwise have fallen short of.

  • Michael G says:

    A. 105.5
    B. 10:44

  • Jason says:

    A. 105.5. I recorded 106 last time but I probably just wasn’t looking at it straight.
    B. Nice to meet you Karen – never again. Didn’t finish, managed 128 in the time cap. I was on track at half way but couldn’t maintain – good to have a baseline now.

  • john parr says:

    A: jumped 1340mm

    B: 10:10.

  • Matt B says:

    Ah box jumps, I think it’s more about the size of your….. Than your legs 🙂 I made it to 1.26m

    Karen…I hate u..


  • Amelia says:

    A. 93 cm
    B. 8.52 (PR)

  • Ben M says:

    So not with it today came in early to do some open gym and achieved 1 HSPU AND 15 push ups.

    A) 1120, 10cm short of last time I hate box jumps.

    B) 7:23 pretty stoked with that although maybe shouldn’t have rested as much.

  • KJ says:

    Did invictus training this arvo, so missed the excitement of Karen. Oh well!!! (Maybe next year?)
    Worked on a few new PBs – and really wanted to post a big thank you to Sean. I got a new PB for my Clean – and would not have got there without his awesome coaching.

  • TarrynC says:

    A: didn’t measure, but used a 20″ box with 1 x 20kg plate, 1 x 15kg plate and 2 x 10kg plate. Happy with that! Highest I have jumped before is 24″.

    B: DNF, got to 112 first ever attempt, happy with it but determined to finish next time!

  • A) 119cm. Everyone was saying that I was way above the box still, but psyched myself out at 125
    B) 10:28. Was trying to keep up with Anthony, but he’s got a big motor and pulled ahead around 90 reps.

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