Are you not entertained?

Are you not awestruck? Inspired? Motivated?

If you train at Adapt and haven’t managed to watch any of the CrossFit Games over this past weekend then I think you’re missing out. The good news is that it’s all up on youtube so you still will be able to…

James Hobart: double Grace - via CrossFit on Instagram

James Hobart: double Grace – via CrossFit on Instagram

Over the past 3 days I have seen some of the most incredible performances and I’d have to say that I’m truly inspired to keep on training and pushing myself to become a better athlete, person, father and it’s a given – I’m gonna stick with this thing called CrossFit for the unforeseeable future.

We’re seeing daughters, sons, mums and dads, grandmas and granddads compete. I was watching Scott Olsen (the Masters 60+ – 3 time games winner) with my daughter Madelyn and we joked about me being a super fit Grandad (with a power moustache of course), going to the games and being cheered on by my grandkids when I get older…

We’re so totally blessed that we get to do this thing called CrossFit. Sure at times it’s hard. I mean I just watched Dan Bailey do a double Grace (2014 CF Games final event – 60 clean and jerks at 60kg) and the rest of the guys in his heat push themselves to their absolute maximum. Then I thought to myself “cool, I’ve got a Grace score – I wonder how hard it’d be to do 60 reps?…” The fact that I have an able body with working arms and legs… How can I not want to do CrossFit?!

I’m so glad I’m part of this rad CrossFit community. I’m so glad I run a box, get to meet new people and help them to create positive change in their lives. I’m so glad I get to do the workouts that Rich Froning does and even more than that I’m so glad I get to do it with all my AdaptCF peeps.

The CrossFit Games is the pinnacle of our sport. We train all year round, get to participate in the worldwide Open. We watch the best guys from the Open go head to head at the Regionals and then the top 3 earn themselves a place to compete at the games. We get to cheer on the Aussie athletes (Kara, Denae & Pip. Kahn, Brandon and Rob) as they test there fitness against the best in the world. You celebrate their wins and experience there losses. This is absolutely incredible and the coolest thing is – you’re a part of it…

If you don’t yet do CrossFit then it’s time to have a go. If you do CrossFit and haven’t watched the games then it’s time to do so and get inspired. Head over to the CrossFitHQ youtube page and get on it!


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