Hang Snatch Max and some fast reps

Friday 25.07.14


  • 1RM Hang Snatch
  • EMOTM for 5 mins – 1 Hang Snatch @ 90% of above


  • 2 rounds for max reps
  • 1 min Air Squats
  • 1 min Pushups
  • 1 min Wall Ball 10/6
  • 1 min KB Swings 24/16
  • 1 min Burpees
  • Rest 1 min between rounds

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

Sharing is Caring ;)
  • Jason says:

    A1. 65kg
    A2. 60kg
    Round 1 – 35,35,10,37,14
    Round 2 – 38,25,10,34,11
    For a total of 249

  • Ivan L says:

    A. 60kg. 3kg PB!
    B. 50kg. Pleased to say that all felt like “real” snatches. Little wobbly on the last.
    C. 270. Better than I thought. Even took a photo and added up on a spreadsheet to be sure.

    Good post-session chat over coffee afterwards. Great way to finish which we usually can’t manage.

  • Brendo says:

    A: 52kg after some wobbles
    B: 45kg and I missed one and the last one was ugly
    C: 282 total. Can’t remember the breakdown, but happy with the final number.

  • DJ says:

    A: 60kg (failed at 65kg a few times).
    B: 55kg (failed twice, dropped to 50, corrected and back to 55).

    Will be using open gym to fix up technique over the next month.

    Cant remember all my scores.. I was focused on crashing the bus.. Close to it.

  • zacbax says:

    A. 71kg which was 1kg heavier then my best snatch and 6kg pb from the hang

    B. 62.5kg missed my 2nd rep but felt good from there.

    C. 235

  • TarrynC says:

    A: 45kg, very happy with this! Wanted to try 47.5kg but ran out of time. Last recorded 1rm hang snatch was in Feb and set at 35kg but I got a 3rm at 37.5kg last month. 1rm full snatch is 47.5kg set last week.

    B: worked at 42kg. Failed first 3 reps, part tired but mostly mental. Second last rep was ok, last rep was good.

    C: didn’t trust myself to remember the count of each movement so I just counted all reps. 89 both rounds total 178. Tonight was a good session, was looking forward to it all day!

  • Leanne says:

    A) Coach Craig made me take weight off to practice dropping under much faster… Nailed it and just kept doing rep after rep concentrating on dropping straight down.
    B) worked at 22.5kg
    C) 157 reps = happy and pleased to say I strung a couple of wall balls together at the 6kg … Always happy to take what comes out of the week. A win is a win!! đŸ˜„

  • rob rigby says:

    A: Shoulder rehab = light weight and focus on technique, 35kg
    B: As above
    C: Lost count 30s into 1st round… so ??? Was hard going, this was the 1st time I have done 4x sessions in a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) so feeling a bit sore and stiff tonight…

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