Morgan decided to have a crack at #fran this morning...

Morgan decided to have a crack at #fran yesterday

A: 10 mins to work up to a heavy TnG power clean triple

B: 3×3 back squat – maintain load across sets but these should be ridiculously heavy. warm up across 4-5 sets and then rest 90 sec – 2 minutes between working sets.

C: 21-15-9 (5 min cap):

  • bumper plate burpees
  • sit-ups

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Compare to 21.5.14

Who’s the dude with the Camera?

If you notice a guy wondering around taking photos don’t freak out. I’ve asked Dave (one of our members and photographer) to take some shots of both coaches and all our athletes over out the next couple of weeks. We’ve been meaning to jazz up the website with some images and Dave takes rad shots #JustSoYouKnow #smileForTheCamera