Hang snatch triple, ring dips and partner WOD

Wednesday 16.7.14

@marklewis14 getting in some snatch practice #adaptCF #canberra #crossfit #snatch #olylifting #practice

A: hang snatch triple

B: 3x ME UB ring dips – start with strict, finish kipping (8 mins) // rest 90 sec to 2 mins between attemps

Compare with 14.05.14

C: Partner metcon (similar to previous week -> P1 goes while P2 rest, then vice-versa)
10 min AMRAP:

  • 10 box jumps (30/24″)
  • 10 hand release push-ups
  • 10 T2B; then (straight away)

5 min AMRAP:

  • partner 1 handstand hold while partner 2 ME thrusters @ 60/40kg (Partners swap as soon as handstand comes off the wall)

Score is total cleans

Post loads and reps to comments.

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  • Ivan L says:

    Forget the workout, I’m calling a soundtrack PB. After two years I finally got to hear Pearl Jam during a workout. More of the same please DJ.
    As suggested inset and had a look at my post from May. Slight improvement which I am satisfied with as my shoulder is not 100%.
    A. 50kg. Failed it in May.
    B. 18, 10, 12. 3 kips in first set.
    C. Worked with Luke and we got 7 rounds neat, then 13 thrusters. I ain’t never gonna like heavy thrusters.

  • Fee says:

    A: 33Kg. This felt tough right from the warm up… but good. Didn’t go higher because I didn’t want to ruin my form
    B: P/U 10, 8 and 8… I think my mind stopped me from doing more…. might toughen up next time
    C: Worked with Sharon – First section, was tough but really good, second section…… well lets not talk about that one……. we got 31 at 25kg. I did try a couple at 40kg, but my stupid arm held me back πŸ™

  • Coach B says:

    ha… had a typo for this morning’s post “hand snatch” but Annie informed me – all fixed now πŸ™‚

  • Steve-o says:

    Ditto to Ivan – Great 6:30 soundtrack!
    My body was really sore this morning, I think a rest day is definitely in order πŸ™
    A) Stuck to 40kg technique work, tried at 50 and body said no.
    B) Best set of ring dips I’ve done in ages 7 (S) & 4 (K), 9 (S) & 5 (K), 7 (S)
    C) Worked with Mark L, great to do a session with him again – Been a long time since those 10am days! Sadly, Mark made me work… damn!
    We maintained getting a round out in the 90 secs generally, then hit about 15 or 16 thrusters? First 2 sets each were 2, then we just did single reps with quick transitions.

    • Olivia says:

      Glad to see someone is making you work… dosser! πŸ˜€ Just kidding, I look forward to receiving my paleo kitchen bar πŸ˜‰ x

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Did two sets at 50kg. Felt solid. Didn’t manage this a couple of weeks ago.
    B) Pushups 15, 15, 15
    C) Worked with Dave P.
    7 Sets plus 5 T2B – I scaled to 24″ Box and knees to chest.
    D) 13 Thrusters.

  • Karl Buchhorn says:

    Pwahhhhh too much training today!!

    70kg for a triple, missing the 3rd @75

    Ring Dips, 10-8-8 strict couple extra with a kip

    Really no idea about the rounds and reps for this WOD. Jake and I hit 4 or 5 rounds each and I think I did 20 or 25 thrusters, not sure about Jake.

  • john parr says:

    A: worked up to 65kg, got 1 at 70kg

    B: 11, 12, 10

    C: teamed up with louisa, so we needed 2 bars and a “3 height box” (not sure if thats what there called), so transition work was important. We did 8 rounds ever (or 4 each), and 29 thrusters. I had a bit of trouble stringing them together, so they went down to singles

  • Ben M says:

    Came in early to work on my squats some more.
    worked to a heavy 5 @110, 9kg pr, then decided to go for a 1rm. Hit 120kg, failed 125 although i feel it should be there, all up 7kg PR.
    A) 60kg for the triple
    B) 10,10,10 im sure ME means maintain effort doesnt it??
    C) worked with Zac, did 3 rounds each and 26 thrusters, Zac did alot of the heavy lifting, i hung out at the wall. think i did about 9 thrusters.

    great working with the big fella

    • zacbax says:

      Was really good working with ben for the 1st time in a while got 65kg for the snatches and 14, 10 and 10 for the ring dips

  • Tom R says:

    A) worked up to 45kgs. Quite happy with that. My max snatch is 50kg so perhaps some improvement next time
    B) ring dig practice has paid off. 8/8/5 pretty much all strict
    C) didn’t really score it. Maybe 7-8 thrusters. Shoulders were toast from everything earlier and HSPUs last night

  • A) Got to 70kg. Need to focus on lock out as the last 2 reps were hard to stand up.
    B) 11 & 8 (didn’t get the last). Only 1 kip for each round.
    C)Teamed up with Paul:
    – 5 rounds and 10 box jumps. Slammed my knees on the box so had to do step ups.
    – 18 thrusters

  • Gabriel says:

    A: 55kg, weight was going up pretty well after a few tips from Coach Sean, just need to work on stability under the bar, ran out of time to go any higher
    B: 12 (8/4), 8 (7/1), 7 (7/0)
    C: Teamed up with Chris and got 6 rounds + 16 thrusters

  • Amelia says:

    A. 35 – stayed at this weight for a few reps as my form wasn’t great
    B. PU 16,14,10
    C. 6th round, with T2B to go. 21 thrusters all up I think.

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