Plate Burpees, Power Snatches & Shoulder to OH

Thursday 10.7.14

A: 3 min ME plate burpees
2 min ME power snatches @ 45/30kg 

rest 5 min; then

B: 3 min ME plate burpees
2 min ME shoulder to OH @ 45/30kg (anyhow – eg. press, p-press, p-jerk)

rest 5 min; then

C: 5 min AMRAP:
5 bar muscle-ups 
10 pistols

Post total reps or rounds for each section to comments.

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  • Ivan L says:

    So where was everyone this morning? I especially wore my Qld jersey in and all the NSW fans were absent. Home sulking perhaps? Not even any Simonsens.
    On the plus side, it was a pleasant surprise to have Bec coach this morning. Small group but still went pretty hard.
    A. 35/16
    B. 35/25
    C. 3 Rds + 2 Chest to Bar pull ups.
    Felt like I had a pretty good rhythm going on the burpees so they were quick and I could stop about 20s early to catch my breath and go and chalk up.
    A bit stiff in the legs today – played in the APS NAIDOC week touch footy comp yesterday (as did at least another 4 Adapters). Around 5 degrees and raining, 5 or 6 games, and I hadn’t run for a month or so. Sadly didn’t get to play against any of the Adapt crew. My one chance was Jason Lyons, but I had to take Ewen to an appointment and missed that game.

    • Will_C says:

      Massive kudos to you for training this morning AND yesterday morning Ivan! I’m thinking a light open gym sess after yesterday’s Touch Football as my lower back is tight as! Officially in awe!

  • Sam B says:

    I agree Ivan, 5:30am was pretty small too, and great to have Bec coaching.

    A: 33/6
    B: 33/13
    c: 2 rounds and 6 pistols (did C2B pull-ups)

  • David N says:

    A. 35 burpees / 15 snatches
    B: 30 burpees / 10 STO (sets of 3 )
    C: 20 pull ups, 30 pistols (3 rounds + 5 pull ups) *not C2B

  • rob rigby says:

    A: 26/18 (@25kg)
    B: 26/17 (@45kg)
    C: 3r +4pu

  • Ben M says:

    THis was a little different to the normal and was fun.

    A) 40 burpees, 22 snatches
    B) 40 burpees, 32 S2O
    C) woeful, muscle ups went away only managed 2/5 MU total. it was very trying.

    oh well back to practicing MU’s, so hit and miss

  • Felt okay until the Pistols, still feeling a little weaker in the right leg.
    A: 32/12
    B: 29/10 (at 40kg)
    C: 2 rounds and 3 pull ups.

  • Coach B says:

    Was supposed to be a rest day but after watching the 10am session today I just had to have a go. Also Madelyn was pretty keen to train so we trained together. Happy times!

    A: 36 burpees / 20 power snatches @ 50kg
    B: 38 burpees / 30 shoulder to OH @ 50kg
    C: 4 rounds on the dot (bar MUs UB in 1st round, set of 4 in the 2nd (failed the fifth rep) and then went to singles)

    A: 28 burpees / 12 snatches @ 20kg
    B: 30 burpees / 22 shoulder to OH @ 20kg
    C: 3 rounds + 5 pull-ups (partner assisted pistols)

  • A) 36 & 12
    B) 31 & 10
    C)5 rounds + 3 PU (subbed C2B pull ups)

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