3 Pos Clean & Jerk, Box jumps, T2B and Double unders

Friday 27.06.14


  • 3 Position Clean + 1 Jerk


  • 30-20-10
  • Box Jumps 24/20
  • T2B
  • Double Unders x2 (60/40/20)

Post loads, times and notes to comments

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  • Brendo says:

    Great sleep, awful performance – what gives? I think the only thing I hit this morning was full retard on the reverse burpees.

    Oh well, 65kg and not quite 1 round. Regained some pride by heading next door after the session and hitting some butterfly pull-ups, so that’s something.

  • Mark says:

    A:For the 3 pos, I got 60 ok, went for 70, got the 3 cleans but couldn’t quite get under the jerk. A couple of fails at 70.
    B: 4/10 box jumps. T2B were surprisingly hard this morning.

  • Prudy90 says:

    A: 45kg, position 1 was dirty though so more work needed there.
    B: 10 T2B in first round, getting happier with T2B getting more consistent 🙂
    Extra: 1km row (have started doing this post sessions approx 3 times a week, first was 4:59) today was 4:36 so pretty happy with that! 🙂

  • Jason says:

    A: 70kg – didn’t push it too hard. Jerk was a bit off but clean form was good.
    B. 1 round + 5? T2B. My hands were killing me.

    Good working with Tim

  • Amanda C says:

    A.35kg – had to try a few times before I got it. Haven’t done cleans for a while so it was harder then I expected.
    B. 12 DUs into first round. Sclaed to knee raises and 12″ box jumps. Happy with this, I struggled through the knee raises (grip strength!) but my box jumps and DUs are getting easier.

  • Ivan L says:

    Worked with young Coop this morning, so I was always going to go heavy (by my standards anyway).
    A. 60, 70, 75 all good. 80 kg got the full clean and hang clean. Three attemps on the high hang. Got really close on the 3rd attempt but it was sitting just below my collar bone and couldn’t hold it up. I’m happy with that as my hang clean PB (without the complex) is 80kg.
    B. 13 T2B in round of 20. Could perhaps have gone a little faster in the box jumps, but very little left in the tank by the end.

  • Fee says:

    A: 45kg (failed pos#1 at 50kg unfortunately).
    B: finished round of 20, but had to sub T2B for double sit ups….. so including the ab challenge, I am up to 210 sit ups…. ouch

  • Tom R says:

    A) got to 60kgs. Tried to do 1RM 65 but failed the jerk.

    B) 11/20 T2B with Benny. Managed to get a couple sets of 5 T2Bs

  • Ray Simonsen says:

    A) Finished the 70kg Well, got 80Kg on the Cleans, and then hit my chin on the way up on the jerk and finished with a press out… Sean says this doesn’t count…
    B) Finished about 16 Double Unders in the first set – So not too flash there. Was also only doing knees to chest as there would have been no way I would have gotten close to the volume that Sean was after with this workout If I was trying Toes2Bar.

  • kirsten says:

    A: cleans are coming along well, I can feel a big improvement over the last few months. 50kg
    worked with Polly who had some awesome cleans this morning!
    B: 15 T2B round 1, these are also getting better and more consistent

  • Ben M says:

    Struggled a little today.
    A) worked from 40-65 didn’t go any higher as the hi hang was awful. Really need to figure this out.

    B) finished the 40 DU’s

    C) did Helen with Tom for shits and giggles. Finished in 9:46

  • Karel says:

    A: Got to 90kg, which is my 1RM but I haven’t pushed that for a while. The clean from position 1 felt really good too.
    B: I got to 13 T2B in the 2nd round. The T2B really tore up my abs.

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