Saturday 21.6.14

Rudy Nielsen’s excellent review of Dan Tyminski’s muscle up.

Today’s WOD is Amanda
For Time (12 minute cap):

  • 9-7-5 reps of
  • Muscle Ups
  • Snatch (60/40kg)

Coaches Notes:
Scalable Options are:

  • C2B or Pull Ups.
  • If using a band – No Kipping and Supine Grip.
  • For the Snatch, think how you went last week on Ben’s birthday WOD as it’s the same weight.

Open Gym:
My thoughts on how Open Gym can improve you as an athlete, especially point 3.

1. It’s a chance to look at additional programming – You might already have a gym membership elsewhere and use that to do some extra work but in the Open Gym at Adapt we are writing up on the whiteboard additional work options for Gymnastics, Endurance, Power and Oly Lifting so you have a clear direction of what you can do that day rather than trying to create something elsewhere.

2. More focussed training with the help of the coaches. If you book in a 1:1 with one of the coaches, you’ll receive a clear breakdown of what you can do in Open Gym, specific to your needs or to develop you as an athlete.

3. One of the overlooked aspects of Open Gym is the ability to improve your technique – not necessarily your strength or fitness but your actual technique and the ability to become more efficient in your movement which is critical when you’re deep into your workout. You might look awesome at the start of the WOD but how do you move when you’re in the round of 15 of a 21-15-9? Or at the 6 minute mark of a 12 minute AMRAP? Want to know why Rich Froning is so bloody good? Have a look at his form when other elite Crossfitters start to show fatigue. At Adapt, we pride ourselves on how much attention we have on technique and everyone of you reading this will have been given cues or tips on how to improve their movements, if you hear these most weeks then think about using Open Gym to drill these and become a more efficient athlete. When you see ‘3RM Hang Snatch’ on the whiteboard like on tuesday, you’ll automatically be thinking about how much weight can I lift? It’s not really the class to go unloaded and just drill the movement (unless you’re really new to Crossfit) so I understand you’ll want to lift, but if we do give you the same or similar tip/cue as before then Open Gym is a really great place to work on this. If you can move better and stay in the right positions for longer then you’ll perform better and get fitter/stronger/faster as a result. When the coaches attend training camps like Outlaw or Pendlay we are put on an unloaded bar for around 20/30 minutes before weight is added and taken through the drills again and again to ensure we are fully understanding which position we need to be in – it can get very hard to stay on just a barbell for that long but it means you are forcing your body to understand where it needs to be on each stage of the movement, all of the coaches have experienced this and it’s dramatically helped our lifts. So sign up and head into the new space with an unloaded barbell and go over position 1,2 3 or jump up on the pull up bar and practice the horizontal kip before progressing into kipping or the butterfly movement.

As ever, if you have any questions then please hit up a coach at the box – the new space is a great opportunity to move you to the next level.

Coach Craig

9-5-7 reps of: