Easy Meal Update

A few people have asked whether or not we were still doing our Easy Meal Packs?

Originally I started easy meals because I wanted a Paleo, super-clean, “easy” option for when I just didn’t feel like cooking (especially on the whole30) As it turned out I wasn’t the only one and so I approached a local caterer to produce meals in bulk and our Easy Meals were born. Affordable, gluten and sugar free, Whole30 compliant, frozen meals good to go – Boom!

They were a raging hit when we first released them and in the first couple of months, we shipped out over 1200 meals. We had a selection of dishes including: Musaman beef, Citrus pork, chicken provencal and Chilli Baked salmon, served with a number of different vegetable combinations (sweet potato mash and mixed greens)

Some people can eat the same food 3x a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (eg. Sean) and these people are monks. I am not a monk. I love variety and after a while, got sick of some of the meals. I used this as an opportunity to gather feedback from our regular customers (eg. to find out what they liked and what they didn’t) and worked with Adrian (our nutritionist) to develop additional meal offerings. The menu was switched up and Kangaroo sausages and Lemon and Lime Cod (our second fish dish) was added to the menu along with Kale (because it was in season)

We released Easy Meal packs for purchase (on our website) once a fortnight and over time watched sales slow. There are so many different meal providers out there now that I can only assume people went elsewhere looking from something new.

From a business standpoint, there was never enough markup on the meals (because we wanted  them to be affordable) but when sales slowed and you’ve got unpurchased meal packs sitting in the freezer for a more than a couple of weeks you really have to ask the question? Is this sustainable?

Now that we’ve opened up our new space I’ve really had to weigh up whether the effort is really worth it, so I’m throwing it back to you guys. We might be able to organise one last final order if there’s enough interest. So, if you’re keen or you have friends/family that are keen for another order – let me know in comments and I’ll speak with our caterer and organise it. If not I’ll let everyone know in the next week or so.

Coach B

Training for Thursday 12.6.14

A: Handstand development – 10 mins to work on any of the following:

  • HSPU Vol (10 min EMOM)
  • handstand walking / shoulder touches
  • static / freestanding
  • frog stands / wall walks

B: 10mins to establish 1RM front squat

C: A little something, something (If you’ve already trained today don’t let the cat out of the bag – keep it a surprise for the rest of the guys 🙂

Post training notes, loads and times to comments.