Thursday 5.6.14


A: Turkish Get-ups (TGUs) – work up to a challenging weight on each arm.

B: Partner WOD – 13 AMRAP:

  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 T2B
  • 10 OH squat w/ unloaded bar; then

3 min AMRAP:

  • P1: handstand hold
  • P2: hang squat cleans w/ unloaded bar

Coaches notes:

  • TGUs – Love to see people get on to some barbells today. If you can manage a 16KG KB, you can try a 15kg barbell.
  • T2B – We’ve been seeing a lot of people almost hit their butts with their heels on the front portion of the kip (this is inefficient). What I’d like to see is a tighter, more superman-esque position. Don’t stress if you don’t understand because the coaches will show you what we mean in class.
  • Unloaded barbell work – We’ve got a benchmark WOD coming up on the weekend and it’s going to be extremely important that you guys feel uninhibited moving under a barbell for multiple reps. It’s gotta feel good yeah?!

Post training notes to comments.

Open Gym Programming

A lot of guys and girls are starting to take advantage of our new Open Gym Access. It would seem that some of you are keen to get a second session each day (or on every other day.

I was speaking with Ben Manning this morning who asked if it would be possible to get a heads up on programming so he didn’t double up on a heavy squat session (eg. work squats in his own time only to come in the day after and get crushed by, more squats!!).

I’ve been pretty keen for a while now to give some of you guys extra work with some supplementary/accessory programming that compliments our existing monthly programming. So as soon as we get some whiteboards up I’ll write up our regular session plus 2nd session which will make sure you guys don’t double up/smoke yourselves for our regular group classes.

If you’re got some specific weaknesses you need to work on you really should speak to a coach (eg. book in for a 1:1 PT session) All our coaches are aware of the what’s coming up (programming-wise) and would be able to put together a program tailored to help you conquer your weakness without taking away from your regular group sessions. If you have already downloaded something from the internet, I’d still encourage you to sit down with a coach and discuss it – that way you won’t be working against anything that we’ve already programmed for you.

If this sounds like a plan and you’d like to get on the Open Gym bandwagon too – hit us up next time you’re in the gym.

Coach B